Nov 29, 2016

catleya for mum's bday

mobile_picturewhite orchids for my'mum's birthday photo roberto des orchidées pour maman merci #massimo_moretti

Nov 25, 2016

Le calendrier de l'Avent ou avant?

mobile_picture écrit par Roberto

Nov 14, 2016

half rising moon over the autumn siccamore trees in France

mobile_picturephoto roberto 2016/11 from my baconies a magic show, breathing a crisp air of this beautiful end of the day, this shining moon crossing the skies in the sundown, light is pure magic!

Nov 04, 2016

the beautiful story of 2 chinese friends

The fab story of two disable chinese friends who have been (re-)planting a whole forest near their village of Yeli in Sunzhuang province one is blind Jia Wenqi and the other one is armless Jia Hiaxia think of that none-the-less they did it they have been planting 10 to 15.000 trees ...thks media

Oct 30, 2016

un plateau repas japonais

mobile_pictureToraya in Paris ph.roberto

Oct 28, 2016

voyager c'est beaucoup rêver

mobile_picturephoto roberto best memorabilia to take back home an Eiffel tower and a black steel wire Empire blg, I can travel every morning

Oct 24, 2016

chi va piano va sano e va lontano

mobile_pictureit's my father side family motto, poco a poco, which actually means step by step. "who's going at slow pace goes safely and far away". Thks media and artist

Oct 21, 2016

Dans la tête de la Liberté (de la vraie statue de NY)

mobile_pictureI like this puc from an unknown photographer, it's the inside of liberty statue head thks media

Oct 16, 2016

Liberty Statue, yes! NEW YORK? No! But TOKYO, Jp

mobile_pictureOdaïba Aquacity photo Roberto. This statue of Liberty is not in NYC it's in Tokyo. The first time I went to Tokyo, it was the last century, the XXth tho, tokyoïtes how frenchies call the hugest city in Japan denizen, had no place to go on weekends near the sea. Odaïba was created from nothing it's 100% artificial but you can surf, sunbathe on a sand beach, it's an in-town micro resort. The surprise next to futuristic looking buildings surely i s this statue which I founf very "exotic" there. The titke if ly post is about travelling and french sayings, travels make the youth, rolling stone gets no

Oct 06, 2016

Montblanc les stylos d'exception

mobile_picturea moment of skill ! Yes writing is so posh now everyone is texting it's banal though. "filling up my ink pen" Un luxe à porter de main. It's the perfect french colloquial to say true luxury is within our reach, considering a Montblanc pen is the equivalent of an Aston Martin, a pen~a car! You may want to be starting with an ink pen from Montblanc it's a good start, the pen is gold and platinium sure you have to learn about how to manipulate the ink pump in the ink pot, how to wash your pen at least 2 to 4 times a year depending of the use, but it's worth it, mines are engraves with initials. photo Roberto

Oct 04, 2016

Primo Caffè

mobile_picturephoto Roberto. The first morning coffee.
pour un italien prendre son café est sacré, on a pas tort chez les transalpins car le café stimule les fonctions du cerveau.

Oct 03, 2016


among new comers, here the trends for 2017 fall/winter or spring/summer or may be cruise! you pick!mobile_picturethks media

Sep 28, 2016

The Fashion Week every week every where

I do have sympathy for the model falling on the runway doing her job which is kind of dumb actually but I do not have any for the brand.
Fashion Week, show devant! Yes, every good capital has its own now, actually it's not only the few fashionistas that are concerned by those excentric garment fun house festivals, fabric and textiles industries are major players in the today econ world. Think of it, Señor Ortega of Inditex understand Zara, has recently overcome Bill Gates as the richest man on earth, with an estimate 85 billions $ fortune... mobile_picturethks media

Sep 14, 2016


mobile_pictureINFLIGHT PICTURE OR INFLIGHT PIC, I simply enjoy to shoot any kind of photo from the aircraft windows what's going on the ground or in the skies. Thks media for this one above, with Alain Delon in the vintage classic from the 60ies Le clan des Siciliens #delon, #inflight_pic, #jean_gabin, #window_pic, #jeangabin, #marc_porel

Sep 11, 2016


mobile_pictureCarnet d'adresse de Franco Maria Ricci ph.roberto

today we are missing the "charm" of the real address book. Mostly because of the social networks. As a child I would care a lot for my address books each year, called an agenda by frenchies, it may have two sides one is a diary and the other side the addresses. My books were bought boulevard du Montparnasse in Paris at a highend stationery and tobacco store near my HQ La Coupole the famous Deco restaurant. I would never buy the ones recommanded by the boarding school, never.
This one on the pic is in brown silk by rare book editor in Parma It. Franco Maria Ricci #fmr, #francomariaricci #agenda #stationery

Sep 08, 2016

je suis un homme à ...

mobile_picture ...tote bag by #justo photo Roberto

Sep 02, 2016


mobile_picturethere are not 50 years Singapore is an independant republic, before english people would have to rent it to malay people who called it Temasek in Bugis vernacular language. Since I've been living there I love to call it this way, Temasek. Bugis people were fishermen in the strait of Melacca. There is still a district in Singapore called Bugis and I like it a lot it's overcrowded and popular and you can find anything even good food and funny clothing #temasek, #bugis

Aug 30, 2016


mobile_pictureXIXth century hanakago photo roberto the roberto fabris estate.
l'été j'ouvre toutes les grandes fenêtres, je fais rentrer un peu de chaleur filtrée par les volets de chêne sombre, ceci afin d'éviter le choc thermique des saisons froides sur les murs de ma maison.
ainsi j'ai pris cette photo d'une chambre d'amis contigue à ma suite, la chambre est très lumineuse, haute de plafond avec des lignes géométriques définies par les moulures régulières.
ce qui m'a frappé cest l'adéquation entre le panier japonais, appelé "le monde" & sa grande anse en forme de cercle parfait
au Japon, ces paniers sont traditionnellement utilisés pour confectionner les arrangements floraux ou ikebana, ils sont en bamboo précieux de différentes sortes, on les nomment hanakago, ils datent de la période Edô ou Meiji comme celui-ci, parfois ils sont modernes, mais ce qui les caractérise c'est l'incroyable dessin des tressages issus d'une maîtrise ancestrale des artisans qui tressent ces objets, et qu'on appellent ici au pays du soleil levant, des "trésors vivants".rmf.#hanakago, #ikebana, #flowers, #basketry

Aug 23, 2016

j'ai deux amours mon pays et Paris

mobile_pictured'en France par Roberto
l'été nous ravit, le soleil donne son énergie en toute luberté, le bleu du ciel est un poème sans fin, il ne sert à rien de partir loin, en fait, tout est là déjà. Ce matin près de chez moi.

Aug 21, 2016

today a slowfood recipe with zucchini

mobile_picturemy kitchen table photo Roberto
Question: why is it called slowfood?
Answer: cos almost every element comes from the next door food market nd will be cooked by you
Friends gave me a big zucchino from their garden. Yes, just one big enough to prepare à la provençale gratin for a whole family.
Recipe: fried onions and garlic in a pan with olive oil from Provence Alpilles, slice the zucchino in rather thin slices, keep them green so they stay crunchy but cooked, add some fresh herbs, thyme, rosemarin, zechuan pepper and salt plus grated macis, then pour the preparation in a gratin plate, whip 2 eggs with some fresh cream and grated cheese like peccorino or montasio and put in oven for 35mn at 6/7 | 180*C

why are you leaving in summer?

mobile_picturea late summer nite supper in south burgundy the top wines region in France photo roberto

Aug 18, 2016

how to be beautiful and a gold medalist in the buff in #rio_olympics_2016

mobile_picture#rio2016 #rio_olympics2016 thks media for this gorgeous pic of usa swimmer Nathan Adrian gold medalist in rio who dares strike the pose in the flesh what I love he is an american sportsman of 6ft6 with a chinese mom!

Aug 17, 2016

a place to be in Provence

mobile_picturephoto thanks media.
This gorgeous though not so frenchy to me, estate of Bargemon in the Var district in south of France is the property of the über-exposed pair David Beckham the ex-soccer star and his charming wife Vicky Beckham aka Posh the ex-girlsband singer
As the late duchess de Windsor, a dowager of the happy few, said once "any good american dies in Provence" but not a chic brit as the Posh who's "château de ma mère" house just hit the top real estate international market for 2,7 millions € albeit the Becks paid 1,7 + 4 millions € for renovation of the french acienda aka a mas means a total of 5,7 result a flat minus 3 millions € for the english sellers.
Is it the beginning if the fall for the über successful british pair?

Aug 16, 2016

RECETTE : la pizza aux pommes de terre | recipe for a pizza with potatoes, yummy!

mobile_picture#pizza cum poatoes ph.roberto
hum that recipe is not a family one, in northern Venezia we don't have pizza, we eat pizza but the region food is about polenta more than pizza...But this one is simple and easy slowfood pizza to prepare, buy bread dough, fresh thyme and basilico, then work the dough as flat as you want, grate parmiggiano reggiano on it with the thyme, slice as thin as possible with mandolin or slicer the potatoes with or without their skin as you like it, is uptodate to keep vitamins and skin now, add some black olives, fresh thyme, roughly cut by hand the basilico leaves it's the way italians do, grate some more cheese, put to oven for 25mn on 6 a regular heat for a pie, pour crude vergin olive oil when the pizza is out ready. Doc my own version

Aug 15, 2016

un été en France profonde,

mobile_picturebanal dialogue: -where do you go this summer? -as usual I stay home, people who have homes stay at home during long summers! In France by example, the weather is rough but july and august may as well enjoy sunny days so why going away in countries where it's beautiful the whole year thru? photo roberto "Ma Bourgogne" (#south_burgundy is the top Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wine region)

Aug 12, 2016

prosecco des abysses

mobile_pictureItalians know how to surprise us, the now famous prosecco is coming from deep sea in lieu of a regular cellar, the #Abissi spumante comes in magnum too in Portofino it's the ultimate! thks media The Telegraph uk

Aug 09, 2016

looking for the top places like a Santa Fe rancho, to stay in a while

mobile_picture yes, among the best places in the world is definitely New Mexico and Silverado on this pic thanks media, is a gorgeous movie set for the eponym western but the insider leak is hitting the real market for a mere 75 millions $ okay okay it comes fully equiped to film any of your fav remake if you buy Tom Ford's Tadao Ando über-design estate in Santa Fe #silverado #santafe #tomford_estate mobile_picturethe whole estate including an aircraft landing strip.

Aug 07, 2016

reflets de l'été, un marché de fruits et légumes

mobile_picture#slow_food_market photo roberto Ma Bourgogne

Aug 05, 2016


mobile_picture"RUE MONGE" genuine american driver shoes found in Beaune.
Beaune is a jewel city in South Burgundy and the capital of wines. These typical summer shoes are always made of the best soft leathers, di Sieve in Italy for instance ph.roberto

Aug 04, 2016

Oh yes there's a day for pizza

mobile_pictureMassimo Moretti posting a veggan and napoli italian dinner table wth orvieto red wine photo roberto summer 2016

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