Roberto Fabris di Chioggia à Paris.


    les mongolfiades et Merry Xmas 2017 

    Cette année j'ai choisi cette photo de carte postale que j'ai faite au moment des mongolfiades

    dans mon pays en Bourgogne . Merry Xmas, joyeux NoëL et Joyeuses fêtes

    à vous tous, n'oubliez pas l partage c'est ce qui rend le pus joyeux. rmf.

    Rejoignez-moi sur Wordpress aussi où je vais publier plus de textes en préparation de la publication d'un roman

    que j'ai écrit il y a plus de 10 ans et que je n'ai pas essayé de publier.

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  • L'Occident restera-t-il indéfiniment le seul modèle de société?

    seoul, south korea, national gallery of seoul

    Seoul. Ancient landmark at The National Gallery.


    It's not said that our beloved civilisation will stay for ever the unique model for the rest of the world. 

    According to update news China is re-developing the ancient Asian trade road known as The SILK ROAD.

    Why is that so?

    Oh it's simple to understand. Why should the most powerful to be in the next decade country (China) still be waiting that Werterners give them a bite of the world trade market?

    They just as to look back at what brought them wealth and power in ancient times to understand the oldest trade way, aka the interior silk road or northern silk road compare to the southern one which go by sea (which means it was later developed with maritime roads) has been on successfully for centuries before boats and planes invention.

    So the main idea for contemporary chinese folk is to re-structure and re-staure that road to create a communication trail between enclaved countries such as Kazhakstan, Turkmenistan, Tadjikistan, Kirghizistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, old Bactrian, and cities with imaginative names such as Almaty, Tashkent, Samarcande etc.


    A map of the old northern Silk Road.

    photo_roberto_a_paris Seoul Museum.

    As I traveled many times to South Korea for my History of Luxe conferences, I took one day to go visiting the National Gallery in Seoul, and it's worth it.

    It's so interesting to discover once again Western culture is not or was not the only one as we try to persuade ourself since a couple of centuries. 

    China is said to be invested nearly one trillion $ in this pharaonic project. Will it be worth ?

    maps, silk road

    thanks media for the picture.

    The New Silk Road. RMF. #thenewsilkroad, #silkroad,#newtradesystems, #chinafuture

  • Pour fêter la fin des vendanges en Bourgogne du Sud, La Paulée 2017.

    Paulée, la paulée de chalon en bourgogne




    Un des derniers témoignages du savoir faire français en matière d'artisanat. Le vin et la couture peuvent très bien se marier, les deux n'existeraient pas sans le talent des hommes. En effet le vin n'existe pas à ma connaissance à l'état sauvage ou naturel. Il est le résultat d'un certains nombre d'actions précises et maîtrisées. Et de pas moins de deux fermentations quais magiques sinon chimiques, la première la fermentation alcoolique qui donne l'alcool et l'autre la fermentation malo lactique celle qui transforme le jus du raisin alcoolisé en vin. Et chez nous, en Bourgogne du Sud le vin est un des meilleurs du monde sans conteste! RMF. #chardonnay, #pinotnoir, #gamay, #alligoté

    city hall

    my hometown city hall refurbished for wine harvest time. photo roberto


    a decorated vine arch on the city hall entrance door. photo roberto.


  • L'amitié est mon thème favori, faites en un chef d'œuvre mon conseil du jour.

    Chocho Casan de Valry, Graziella Leroy Gombault Ashby, Roberto di Chioggia

    from right Graziella Ashby and Roro di Chioggia with Chocho Baodaï aka Chocho Cassan de Valry

    There were years during which we laughed, danced and went dining in Paris, every nite was a party. Graziella knew every body who should be known and working with me as a PR, I must admit I enjoyed my life to the maximum.

    The decade 80/90 was a fantastic decade, a lil bit like the swinging sixties in london, but in the City of Lights, Paris. RMF.

    #chochocassandevalry, #chochobaodaï, #ChochoRech, 


  • What? Friendship!

    roro, marcello, zanzi, caviar, leonardo da vinci

    Caviar leonardo da vinci for breakfast. Photo roberto à paris

    With Zanzi and Marcello on board on the Padma

  • ART DECO CRAVE / artist Serge Lutens

    mobile_pictureArt Déco / cubist artist Fernand Léger woman, Serge Lutens & Isabelle Weingarten in an 80' advert
    Icon model Weingarten has impersonated the ideal muse to exceptionally talented makeup artist Serge Lutens. They both enrolled on a prolific and creative journey for cosmetics prime Japan brand Shiseido.
    I was lucky to dress Weingarten long time after I discovered the fascinating and rapture of Lutens photigraphies.
    NB On my layout images demonstrate the painter Fernand Léger as inspirational painting and the makeup art of Lutens. 

    #sergelutens, #isabelleweingarten, #shiseido, #artdéco, #makeupartist

  • Non! Ce n'est pas un dessin de mode c'est un tableau "suprématiste" de Malévitch

    c'est de l'art!
    mobile_picturethe brillant russian painter in the eve of the XXth c. stirred the international emotion with his paintings. Circa 1930 he came out with a new idea if the society thru a serie of dressed silhouettes. rmf.

    #kazimirmakevitch, #russianartist, #silhouette, mobile_picture we are at beginning of the XXth century!

    He was the first and he called that "suprematism" not nihilism. It's the starting point of modern painting which means a more intellectual and less sentimental period.
    mobile_pictureOne can see fashion silhouettes they are not. The russian artist wanted to express a strong desire of radical changes to which costume is an excellent choice. Remember we are in the early days/years of 1900. rmf

  • do you like sailing?

    />sailing is a sport photo_roberto_fabris_di_chioggia #sloop, #baleares, #boats

    la collabora, torrent de pareis, balearic islands

    Torrent de Pareis, La Colabra photo_roberto_a_paris

  • friendship

    mobile_pictureMinorca photo_roberto_a_paris #sailingaway, #friendship, #marcellobottoli,

  • le retour ... avant la rentrée.

    mobile_picturered driver's shoe tiptoe pic rhônexpress saint exupéry aéroport to Lyon photo_roberto_a_paris #lyonsaintexupery, #easyjet, #rhonexpress, #drivershoes, #fairmont

  • Les histoires de famille ou l'héraldisme en chambre

    heraldismo,héraldism,storia dei fabris di chioggia

    Storia delle famiglie nobile del Friuli, Venezia giulia.

    Famiglie nobile italiane.

    My grand-mother has always been telling me the story of our family each time I asked for more including her Austrian origins.
    So now it's easier for me to make research. I knew the real documents are in France now, stolen by Napoleon guards as they lived in our castle in Udine as it is mentioned above in the italian history of the noble families.

    crest, armoiries,heraldismo,héraldism,storia dei fabris di chioggia

    Fabris crest, thanks le ricerche araldiche italiane.

    I still have a little brass anvil my grand-father carried with him through the ups and downs of life. One can see the anvil symbol on the family crest, it's probably related to the fact they were goldsmiths considering their ancient craft name in Venice and Chioggia.

    anvil, incudine, enclume de famille,heraldismo,héraldism,storia dei fabris di chioggia

    The famous goldsmith lil brass anvil, incudine in italian, my grand father gave me.




  • summer leave not really

    darsena, south burgundy

    staying home may not sound exciting but it is today. photo_roberto_à_paris

    en France à la campagne.

  • Paolo Suman ou les ombres de la création.

    painting, baby painting, paolo human, fresh water pearls

    Paolo Suma, Italy circa 2000. 

    Summer draws lines on my walls. On this picture, a strange baby boy spread around real pink pearls on the ground like a game. The wrought iron gates of my house are actually drawing their own lines on the painting, creating shadows.

    I comissionned this painting to the Italian artist, Paolo Suman, for an exhibition of my creations in London. rmf

    NB the pearls are real fresh water pearls, which I used for my design and sold as necklaces with chinese emperors inspiration like Chao Zhu.

    art, photo, andré rau, Carla bruni sarkozy

    Madame Carla Bruni Tedeschi Sarkozy par André Rau.

    Sur la photo Madame Carla Bruni porte mes créations en fresh water barocco pearls.

    #freshwaterpearls, #culturepearl, #carlabruni, #andrerau, #robertofabrisdesign



    The real impersonation of sophisticate french woman, Jeanne Moreau rip is perfect in the aloof and sexy freethinker character directed by Joseph Losey 1962 movie chef d'œuvre, EVA.
    mobile_pictureEVA the film. #jeannemoreau, #evathefilm, #JosephLosey, #1962, #nouvellevague


    social networks, what means like on Fb?

    It's a message I just received from Facebook. It says in english, we're glad you shared your life with people you appreciate on FB.

    Here some photos your friends liked 22.000 times (in total sure). waouh!


    NB a friend recently asked me what is a "like" being new on Facebook? Oh okay he is a french guy, doesn't speak english, so I said a "like" is what you should send to a friend posting a picture or video or what ever you like too.

    here for instance the picture in the middle of Fb message

    south burgundy, classic homes in France

    Bourgogne du Sud, grilles en fers forgés XIXth century.

    photos Roberto à Paris

  • Hungaro ring F1 MagyarGP dim July 30th 2017

    hungaroring, magyargp17, ferrari, kimi raikkonen, F1

    good to see the Ferrari together of Vettel and Kimi on the Hunger ring GP. thks media

    f1,hungaroring,kimi rÄikkÖnen

    kimi is Kimi

    We know he is no good at interview, shy, aloof, not a great speaker, journalist don't like him cos he doesn't do the show.

    But Kimi is strong, steady, courteous with Sebastian and Ferrari should not always push him on the side, this start is a nonsense we all understand is to make Seb a winner deserve it or not.

    My opinion Kimi should call me I will coach him to stay like he is but to cajole the media, after all the show must go on. Like it or not. Money big bgmoney is involve, for how long?

    Ask Elon Musk. RMF #elonmusk, #carraces, #F1, #KimiRaïkkönen.


    mobile_picturephoto my FACEBOOK
    today sun 30th if July is friendship day.
    I remember this very rich Argentinian woman, Amanda Lacroze de Fortabat, asked if she had lovers as she was a mature woman 90 years when she died, she answered I much prefer "amitiés amoureuses". I love that answer ;-) #friendshipday, #fortabat #amitiéamoureuse

  • Stormy Weather at dusk

    mobile_pictureall pictures & photo_roberto_a_paris

    the river Saône

    South Burgundy in summer. Vallée de la Saône

  • The walhalla did open for a short time

    Thor came down from his Walhalla and the dwarf folk of France wasn't upset but raptured instead.
    This dude was sweet and attractive I mean in its own kind sure, towering at 6/4 ft at least I never saw him nervous, bothered or excited, he was just cool and glad to be there, enjoying popularity and the street party going on the all day long till nite. rmf #thor, #gameofthronessequel, #walhalla, #festivaldesartsdelarue.

  • L'été de tous les festivals


    chalon sur saône,festival des arts de la rue


    La compagnie Keras, un grand livre d'histoires fantastiques interactif avec les touristes, à leur grande joie.

    chalon sur saône,festival des arts de la rue, compagnie les nageuses sur le bitume

    Les déambulatoires sont la partie émergée des compagnie qui présentent leur numéro en avant première dans les rues de la ville médiévale. Ici la compagnie des Nageuses sur le Bitume.

    chalon sur saône,festival des arts de la rue, vin rosé

    une courte halte rafraîchissante s'impose de temps en temps, pour moi et une amie un verre de rosé Chez Chantal


    toutes les photos roberto_à_paris

  • Le Festival des Arts de la Rue

    Burgundy and more attractive South Burgundy is mainly heritage landmarks, grand châteaux like Ducs de Mac Mahon's Sully, named the Burgundy Versailles, roman churches, and vineyards regions, producing the best Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Alligoté and Gamay, sparkling Crémant wines. Including the most acclaimed and famous red wine from Romanée Conti and white wine from Corton Charlemagne, the top of the top, no wine but experience actually.
    But in summertime this is no more the posh and classic Beaune city, pearl of Burgundy to lead the orchestra, it's a small down south town at the cross roads of everything, heritage like the photography inventor hometown, Nicéphore Niépce, Les Rousses ski region, fishing rivers, countryside, I named Chalon a best kept secret along the beautiful Saône (pron. soan) river, located south of Dijon and north of Lyon.
    A street art festival is taking place there every year around the 19/20th of July, lasting 4 days and for the great pleasure of thousands of tourist families and fairly good popular street artists performing walking down the streets of the historical town.
    At nite friends got together in bars and improvised street bistrots, none-the-less food is excellent, meat from Charollais region being known as one of the top list best cows in the world giving the best cheeses too! Here on my pic the famous night meeting hipster spot LES 120.
    Although Vin Rosé is not a special of this region, it's okay when temperature is too hot outside, it gets sometimes up to
    90F but is normally around 72F then as we drunk it with plates of great homemade saussages and andouillettes with Moutarde de Dijon a waouh snack and then another friend joined the party and decided to offer Dom Ruinart a great Champagne just for the pleasure of it. And so on for the whole night.
    all photos_roberto_a_paris
    mobile_picture#les120, #chalonsursaone, #festivaldesartsdelarue, #charollaismeat, #cirtoncharlemagne,#romaneeconti


    tourism in France, south burgundy, wine region

                                                     photo roberto à paris, chez l'ami louis. 2017 


      So many people are on leave in summer time in France, it's rather silly as the best period is really summertime.

    Here, the proof why we don't need to go vacationing abroad : a "chilled" glass of excellent vin rosé de Bandol, Provence.


    le soleil en France, une terrasse de bistrot c'est très frenchy


    photo roberto à paris. Terrasse et parasols ensoleillés en Bourgogne du Sud, Chez Chantal.





  • The "end" of the known world

    mobile_picturethks media for this pic
      It's not a war, it's not an epidemy, it's a scientific fact.
    Man needs to communicate and has invented therefore language, script, radio, tv and now the internet360, AR, VR, 3D
    Since the 80' period we saw the unbelievable development and growth of the global communication, market, trade, thru the internet and internet of things.
    Think of that Africa will be if not already one of the biggest player on the mobile market.
    On the other end this crave for communication which is also a fear of the void is changing our attitude to others. When you treat a friend to dinner he/she will spend more time on the smartphone than sharing a good time together. The paradoxe is your friend is socializing on the net meanwhile dining with you! It's a VR life beginning and a true end if what we call up to now communicating and sharing our feelings. rmf thks ledia for pic. #augmentedreality, #VR, #internet360


      Actually as any one in France I didn't know who was Emmanuel Macron before his election as the president of the fifth or sixth nation of G20. But now he is a freshly appointed president and we can figure out better his personality, which is sort of strong, determined and driven. It's driven by Bibi aka Brigitte Macron his senior wife who is elegant and said to be intellectually brilliant. French press relates to him as Jupiter.

    Now, the deal at the eve of 14th July for frenchies which is Bastille day for Americans, this deal is inviting with Grand Style the president of the United States of America to what is considered the epitome of Paris landmarks, I named the Tour Eiffel and ultra hipster one star at Michelin tho restaurant (not so hip but chic for tourists) Le Jules Vernes. Plus you really have to know that its Chef Alain Ducasse (on the right bending to listen to Bibi's recommandations under Melania's scrutiny on the picture) is the master of all chefs in France, said to be.

    influencers,network,f,translate,spanish,food,french cuisine,diet,ducasse




    NB the only faux-pas to me is the too big too much pink and green flower bouquets on the tables, which I found a bit "japanese girlie" for the Donalds. rmf


    disclaimer thanks media for the picture


  • Do you know what's a KSAR ?

    A ksar is a fortess in the sand desert. This one on the pic is Draa Ksar. This mysterious and rumbling down fortress is said to have been built in the Sahara desert at a time there was a trading semitic road to cross the most unfriendly place on earth still is. Unless you know exactly where to go and what to do, like hermit, writer, thinker a catholic monk and aristocrat Charles de Foucault, who lived and died in the deep south of Sahara desert, alone. rmf
    mobile_picturethks media.#ksar, #sandfortress, #lostcitiesofsanddeserts.

  • what's life really about ...

    mobile_picturethks media for pic #eat, #life, #neonsigns,#quote.


    mobile_pictureJohn Hamm the super virile macho in successful tv serie Mad Men, crossing legs high during interviews.
    mobile_pictureSexy singer actor Justin Timberlake demurely crosssing his legs during nite show.
    mobile_picturemen crossing legs are sort of border lines with conventional manners but it's okay it's swag actually now, thanks all media for pic.
    #mencrossinglegs, #manlymanners, #dappermen, #nocturnalsprezzatura, #eleganceetmanières

  • world soccer star Ronaldo and his bag

    1 There was a lady in my street near the Luxembourg gardens in Paris, she was strolling around every morning early for what ever the reason, but she was always carrying many loaded bags in both her hands, we used to call her the bag lady, a full mystery to me.
    Oh I admit I am a bag man, now, and always was actually.
    Yes traveling wwd all the time did I say I travelled around the globe at least 19 times full circle. Average ticket would include Paris-London-Hong kong-Tokyo-Los Angeles-Houston-NYC-Paris so I need a lot of stuff to carry around at a hand distance, and a big glam sturdy bag or tote will help, like Ronaldo's in his private jet carrying his maxi haut-à-courroies Hermès white canvas & black leather kelly or birkin bag. rmf #haut-à-courroies, #bagsformen, #sacamain, #ronaldo, #jetset, #realmadridstars
    mobile_picturethanks media for the beautiful pic.
    2 crossed legs v spreading legs guys
    thks media for pic #inflightpic #malemodel


    mobile_picturethks media for pic

    Julie Christie, Catherine Deneuve and Ursula Andress rummaging her purse, how fun. #sac-a-main