Aaron Ghost Writer & Editor at Large



writing is part of me, I enjoy reading all kind of books, from Krishnamurti to Albert Camus, I read in english, I lecture in english, I do not think in terms of languages but in term of ideas

pictures and writings get along together, when I think I see images and I feel what's wrong to me

the secret of life is probably images and words

I use to tell : everything is untrue, we haven't been told what's right (real), why? Because if we knew what's real we would love life and people and death will be beaten, like illness, there won't be any war, life would finally be perfect, dream is the solution

but when things don't go right we have to fight to bend them back to what they should be, and doing so we progress, evolution has a heavy price, it requires all of our attention, sense of pain, longing and patience, tolerance, hubris somehow, forebearance for sure, care for others too, but it's worth the trip

LOVE is probably the real end of eveything and of course the beginning of another something...

my loving friend told me once:

death will go and shall have the look of your eyes

death is another word for life, why? Because if there wasn't death so life will not have its price then

"life is a lethal disease" Roberto.


words, ideas, innovation, art, music, love, compassion