Monday, 08 March 2010


In Tokyo, people respectfully take hours to read your address cards, what french call "carte de visite" according the use of presenting a "bristol" during the XIXth cent.chic bourgeois visit, but in Paris, no one has never got one on him, so confusion is always about who does what where? In NewYork Wall st bizness men spent thousands of bucks on printing the utmost "classic" of cards, as soon as they've got a high-floor-two-views-on-CentralPark office room! Fun no?Here the beautiful orange one printed by RDI for me in Singapore, the chicest malaysian chinese island now a republic for my HEADMASTER position when I literally created the department from scratch in 2007-8 for the prestigious Chew Family, who own Raffles VarsityRoberto HeadMaster Raffles skynet.RMF.

Sunday, 07 March 2010


aaron on ebay sketch_modifié-1au début j'ai fait ça pour rire et je me suis pris au jeu du "swappy store" ou vide grenier perso sur ebay avec ma boutique : aaron vintage store, ou sur priceminister avec Antiquaa. C'est fun, de partager ses oldies but goldies, nos trouvailles d'hier et d'aujourd'hui dans cette époque où tout est achetable plus ou moins! Bien sûr mes blogs sur Twitter, ou sur blogspot: vous saurez tout...chut! Hush! RMF.