Monday, 31 October 2011

"I had a farm in Africa..." Isak Dinesen aka Karen Blixen

Mali, Bamako, Mosque

sounds like Karen Blixen embodiment by brilliant Meryl Streep in Sydney Pollack film Out of Africa

We used to live in West Africa...with my parents, at that time my father was a diplomat at large, I kept from those years so many ineffable emotions in my mind, one among the most enticing ones is the view of the oldest mud mosque in a deep sub-saharian country along a dusty lost trail journey, here above the stunning building.

chez un ami, un escalier vers la mer


Sunday, 30 October 2011

"for ipad user who likes to travel cool"


pour une fois, loin du luxe...une citation du New York Times on line



"We've been told since our childhoods, 'Politics is bad, don't get into politics.' But the point is that somebody has to clean it up. We can't just scold people."
PARTHO NAG, on a new activism among the middle class in India.
Pour mes amis qui ne parlent pas anglais:
"On nous a dit depuis qu'on est enfant, que la politique est mauvaise, et de ne pas y entrer. Mais la réalité est que quelqu'un doit nettoyer tout ça. On ne peut pas que critiquer."
Citation de M.Partho Nag un nouvel activiste de la classe bourgeoise en Inde.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

toujours très beau, un petit temple de maison du Népal


temple de maison bouddhiste

photo Roberto iphone4S.

Surprenant mais ce joli temple mural en bois de santal, est aujourd'hui à Ibiza, et il y est en de bonnes mains...

Thursday, 27 October 2011

"pillow talk", confidences sur l'oreiller:)

Prada Saffaino, handbags, trendy purses, pillow talk

photo Roberto with Samsung NV20.

Pillow Talk is also a film by director Michael Gordon with Rock Hudson 1959, but here it's my bedlinen set!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

wake up with coffee, go sleep with dream...

dream room, lisa rutledge, andré rau, francine crescent

polaroids Roberto Fabris.

Art by : André Rau Photographer, Anthony Hackett architect, Ruben Alterio painter, Carlos Araujo painter, Zion Agaï artist.

pour un italien le luxe c'est la tasse de café du matin (un secret?)

coffee, café, caffé

photo Roberto Fabris with iPhone4.

Cuiller en or de Lethu, plat Art Nouveau en argent étamé incrusté de cabochons en rubellite, confiture de Morlaix, Saint Lunaire ou Perros-Guirec.

winter and seabreeze : île d'Yeu, Julien in Bintan Indonesia, Sentosa Merlion


photos Roberto

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

did you say F.O.O.D? I propose you my favorite hangout The Lavender foodcourt


photo Roberto with my Mororola phone Singtelfoodcourt, fooding in Sing, Singapore Lavender

foodcourts are famous in Singapore, although the city proposed 1000 000 alternatives from all kind of Asian to French and Italian or higher-than-skies restaurants, fooodcourts are fun and many are delicious and very cheap, you can find them anywhere in town, you may have dinner 24 h a day for less than 6 us$, I like their typical atmosphere, this one was located near my house in Lavender district. 

Monday, 24 October 2011

Hong Kong top of the posh

Pearl lam

that's what friends are for...knowing!

Sunday, 23 October 2011



batman, batgirl, Revillon, mink, vison

mink? yes! but Mac Kenzie River Mink, at that time my coats were manufactured by Revillon Haute Fourrure, sable and mink cum nappa leather.

Batgirls as an homage to the Marvel character!

Sanki Shoji and Sony, my first japanese companies...

Sanki Shoji, SONY

my first toy was a Sony magic tablet and some years later, my first company in Japan, Roberto Fabris S.A., was at Sanki Shoji co Ltd, the best importer in Tokyo and Osaka, own by my dear Mr Yasuhiko Horita a true gentleman of the apparel industry

Saturday, 22 October 2011

call it EDo or ToKYO or whatsoever, it's in Japan and it's beautiful

Sanki Shoji, San Ashe, Tokyo travel

At Sanki's offices in Sambancho in front of Trend Board for my "COLLEZION EXISTENZ MINIMUM."

Friday, 21 October 2011

Gare de Lyon, the last tgv for Milano

Harper's Bazaar, ELLE, Train Bleu, Gare de Lyon

photo iPhone4 Roberto

tha last call for for Milano, and a glass of Bordeaux ruby red wine to read and appreciate your kind note Jeannette!

sacro la piccola collazione al Raffles Hotel, nel cortile

The raffles Hotel Singapore

ph. Roberto

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

sustainable anti-crisis solution sticker!

buying motto, anti-crisis

                              by Steve Price.

Monday, 17 October 2011

allez un petit coup de "vacances" supplé Ibiza a Formentera


photo iPhone4 Roberto 2011.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Arielle Dombasle aka Laure Maxime Sonnery de Fromental en RmF!

Arielle Dombasle, Fromental, Sonnery

no more words, Arielle Dombasle is elegant, and what people should know her education is perfectly matching a beautiful soul, bashful inside outside, inspired by romanticism and wit

Sporting in a Guy Hamilton's film a full wardrobe of my creations from the above short and sassy silk velvet evening minidress cum ruché to a sexy cool black leather safari jacket

the sweetest of swept away escapes : Indonesia

Bintan islands, escape, Singapore, Banyan Tree resort, Julien Noël

lasciando la folla della città coll'marleone, il Merlion, that I love, the Sing' city symbol, for a dreaming fantasy escape to Bintan islands in Indonesia, ph Roberto

Saturday, 15 October 2011

looks like Marlon's wearing the same python jacket as me!

TRUE GRIT...The Fugitive Kind, Sidney Lumet, Marlon Brando, PYTHON, snake skin

Friday, 14 October 2011

un p'ti coup à boire, mais du Montagny premier cru!


iphone4,apple iphone,montagny,vins blancs

photo iPhone 4/2012

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Paris all time fashion inspirational character and model Zuleïka

Zuleika, azzedina alaïa, ALAIA

attire the model's own, grooming by Jean Eudes Cannival, polaroid Roberto Fabris, location VIth arr.Paris

Sunday, 09 October 2011

Ping Ping is not an apps at iTunes but a Pekin model friend!

PingPing, Pekin Models

Love the black patent leather Barbie doll slingback shoes! PingPing is towering at 6Ft and is a Beijing native girl, she used to be my house model during my haydays as fashion designer in Paris before my breakaway as a Headmaster in Singapore...Here showing one of my favorite design, a silicone algae looking bustle over a sarong handprinted silk batik wrapped pajama pants at Potel & Chabot (former Pavillon Gabriel).When Capucine de Villartay de Fouquières was a PR and organized a lavish push & pull lunch party at their premises outside Paris, a real hit, until Emanuel Ungaro happened to know I was there with countess Catherine de Limur then a Couture directrice and was mad at us both.

Saturday, 08 October 2011

at patrick's the garden has a particular steep hillside charm

bench, Blow Up, Antonioni, Patrick Lannoye

photo Roberto

tout le charme d'un jardin bourgeois français en Province, avec une touche de mystère due à cette grande pente au-dessus de la maison qui est une ancienne ferme et qui donne à cette vue un aspect digne d'un film d'Antonioni comme Blow Up...

Friday, 07 October 2011

chapeau bas! Madame Paulette

Paulette, chapeau, hat

sublimes les années 30, ici un chapeau "poétique" de Paulette, "la" grande modiste de Paris. Je l'ai rencontrée il y a longtemps, elle se tenait comme une reine au milieu de ses créations, avenue Franklin Roosevelt et portait deux chevalières en or à armoiries, entremêlées l'une à l'autre, à l'un de ses auriculaires.RMF!

Ph John Rawlings 1938

Thursday, 06 October 2011

Pearl Lam the gallerist and the friend in Hong Kong

Pearl Lam, art gallery

Wednesday, 05 October 2011

handbag trends...well, let's see what's up?

chanel, handbag, women purse, skonx

Tuesday, 04 October 2011

photo shooting session 10 years (after Ibiza) like an "oldies but goldies" type of classic song!

Rue Louise Weiis, Suzanne Tarasiève, ARMORY SHOW

Juliette et moi, à la fameuse galerie de Suzanne Tarasiève dans le non moins célèbre quartier des galeries de la rue Louise Weiss...les plus parisiennes des galleries d'art! Oui, évidemment j'ai plein d'autres photos avec Juliette, où elle est "entière" (sur la photo) Ph.Roberto

Lincoln Continental rouge sur une route de Virginie, comme un road trip!

Lincoln Continental, Accomac, Virginia Beach, Delmarva

Roberto:did I lived "the american dream"in the Delmarva? Ph. J.Orloff

le rêve américain, c'est aussi conduire une Lincoln Continental III sur les routes du Maryland, ici c'est Jonathan Orloff qui prend cette photo de moi devant ce Bait & Tackle du petit port où il possède la très belle propriété de Roseland

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