Saturday, 28 April 2012

pictured in Ibiza, San Josep de Sa Talaia



[loving people starts by loving yourself]

I mean not your Self, but who you think you should be, or try to be, better than you never were

ph. "sporting Le Pacha tee"

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Marlon Brando sporting a stripe tee crossing his arms

Marlon Brando, books, film actors, stars

when I look at such a picture, a reknown actor striking the pose in front of the camera with beautiful rows of books cum photos as setting, I don't see a young man with a library behind him, I see someone with his many dream friends!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


 david gandy by mariano vivanco fir D&G eyeywear, naked yves saint laurent by jean loup sieff 1970,needlework (the other word for lace) piercing on a woman backby anonymous

nb photo disclaimer thanks to all contributors :

tumblr, yves saint laurent nude and lace dress by jean loup sieff circa 1970,

david gandy nu pour D&G par mariano vivanco 2012, "needlework" piercing by anonymous.

A remarquer, le mot français dentelle (qui viendrait des petites dentelures autour de la dentelle) se dit en anglais lace (de lacet) ou needlework (travail d'aiguille!)

some like it hot, I like it haute (couture), Jackie O reading letters

Jacqueline Bouvier Onassis Kennedy

Monday, 23 April 2012

aesthetics are my only politics...

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

#Olatz Garmendia Schnabel wears a "Sporting Clubs" studded dress by RF

Olatz Schnabel, Julian Schnabel, Sporting Clubs

Olatz Garmendia Schnabel

who later married Julian Schnabel, the now famous film director once a famous painter, did her very first fashion catwalk show for me in Paris.Ilike the venue, totally "couture", my fab XVII th century Hôtel Particulier (french for mansion) said to have been once Lully's home near Opéra. Here, she is sprucing a cool wool studded-around-the-sleevehole bicolored shash dress in front of Just Jaekin, the film director of Emmanuelle the soft Xrate movie. Olatz was so beautiful and cool, somehow rather shy because she was really at the starting point of her career. She now runs her own luxury + home design store.

Monday, 16 April 2012

About friendship...What becomes a legend most? What was once said!

juliette ghatradyal, julien noël



with Juliette, Roberto and Julien

Time will unfurl all the secrets of our live : 

Aware of that, would they still keep them unfurled?

Saturday, 14 April 2012

flowers, at Bruxelles Royal Museums and in Roberto Fabris estates

Musées royaux de peinture Bruxelles

Dans les collections royales de Bruxelles à gauche et chez moi à droite : des fleurs. "For many years I could not figure out why people would like flowers paintings like they did in the XVIIth century, and later I would understand that the idea of freshness and colors or even more the idea of scents would be more important that the scent itself".

Friday, 13 April 2012

Singapore most beautiful and outlandish building: artdéco Chyau Fwu's ParkView


Park View Singapore, Chyau Fwu, James Adams

I like to stroll down to Kampong Glam' in Sing', on North Beach Road and Ophir street, because of the ParkView, my fave Art Deco style building by James Adams design. Here with Mimi, we appreciate the grand Gotham looking statues!

Sunday, 08 April 2012

tout est foutu (décadent)...

Greta Garbo, Klosters, Verwahrlost

Friday, 06 April 2012

"Peplum" jacket in dry matte viscose from Véron for my collection Nord-Sud.

Lanv,Albert Elbaz,Kim Andrea,Steven Silverstein, l'Officiel,peplum

Kim Andrea photo Steven Silverstein circa 1992.

The collection was named after Pierre Reverdy's review "Nord-Sud" 1917.Reverdy (1889-1960) a cubist associated artist and surreal doomed french poet was a "close" friend, her lover actually, to Gabrielle Chanel, he brought her the taste forcollector books like the grand duc Dimitri Pavlovich brought her the taste for real gems baroque orthodox crosses!

(peplum means basque volantée in french)

Wednesday, 04 April 2012

Tokyo anamorphose

Anamorphose improvisée avec le lampadaire de ma junior suite au SHINAGAWA PRINCE HOTEL à Tokyo au Japon.

Photo Roberto Fabris au Minolta DX Image                                                                                                     


anamorphose,Shinagawa Prince Hotel Tokyo

Monday, 02 April 2012

stay connected!


a rather long time before the sms addicted youngsters.