Sunday, 17 February 2013

l'année lunaire du serpent d'eau [shé] en chinois

snake year, shé,guido mocafico

ph Guido Mocafico

Shé en chinois, le serpent d'eau symbole d'entreprendre, d'intelligence, de force, d'infini (le 8 porte-bonheur en Asie) car le seul des chiffres arabes pour lequel le mouvement est infini

V day for Victory or Valentine day as you like it

saint_valentin, valentine day, vday

Friday, 15 February 2013

did you say "who's coming for dinner tonight?"...Cary Grant

Cary Grant,VOGUE Paris, Hollywood Savoy, Fabergé

photo d'archives Jean Luce Huré avec nos remerciements ainsi qu'à VOGUE Condé Nast

...Cary Grant was sitting at a table just right in front of me, Graziella Leroy who was my PR and an excellent one I must admit at this time was there too,

Alexander Leach aka Mr Grant, was still a very charming 80 years old dude, during the festive nite we've shared an eyeblink whatever it meant, to me he stayed an english gentleman all his life

and he is also known to have said:

«I did probably choose to be an actor in search of recognition, adulation, admiration and affection"

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

une longue carrière dans un domaine ultra-exigeant

linkedin award

pic "the top ten of most wiewed profile in 2012"

mon profile professionnel est dans le top ten des plus visités sur les 200 millions d'abonnés à LinkedIn

GONG XI FAT CHOI 2013 (bonne année lunaire)

fashion week paris,angelina tearoom,

ph archives perso Angelina tearoom Paris show RF estate

Bonne Année à la planète à tous

photo souvenir d'un catwalk show qui s'est déroulé chez Angelina, petit déj en plus servi à l'étage un vrai luxe parisien, the posh of the posh

Sunday, 10 February 2013


KRIFI KOREA,Conférence Mode, Fashion Design MasterClass,Global Fashion Academy Daegu

ph my conference at "Global fashion Academy" in South Korea

programme:Haute Couture and Luxe in France

Saturday, 09 February 2013

a window on the world ...the NY musem of Art Moderne

MOMA,Museum of Modern Art New York

ph the MOMA New York with my Samsung  NV20 and Picasa3 

Friday, 08 February 2013

talking about preservationism and environmentalism

Chanel Haute Couture Spring 13

ph Stéphanie Farran (détail) mes remerciements

an xtra-ordinary shot of a jungle...oh no! it's Chanel last idea to tell us they stick to "l'air du temps" what we call zeitgeist in the USA

brilliant photographer ex-student of my Master classes, Stéphanie, you can follow her on Instagram too, has sent us what I thought at first sight Amazonia rain forest but, I found out because of the background winter huge winter gazebo looking set, it was Chanel's catwalk for the upcoming spring/summer couture show...

Monday, 04 February 2013

le compagnon du voyageur au long cours

Icheon Airport

pic with iphone 2013

Saturday, 02 February 2013

a child dream, my own "premier empire" bureau

Empire bureau, antique desk, secrétaire empire

ph my treasure chest: a "Restauration" bureau pic with my Nikon 1J1

as a child I used to look at grand'mother, the venitian one, not the chinese one though, writting every single note on this desk

she herself, received it from her in-laws, who were collecting antiques

Those XIXth century french secrétaires, the word for desk in french, are a standard in center regions of France where my italian family was dwelling for a time, busy building Carmelite monasteries and mosaïc pavements for an italian aristocrat turn a nun

sure now I call it my treasure chest, not only because it has one "à secret" drawer, but because it reminds me of my grand'ma a lady with charisma whose family is from Udine, still is, still living in the same "casale" a farm you may see on the left of this blog

on the marble top stands a XVIIIth century terra cotta de Sèvres by Jean Baptiste Pigalle, many copies are sold every years au Musée du Louvre, it's the genuine one among different size faenza vases from FTC and a Maria Montanez Indian-Amazonia folk calligraphic mud sculpture

Friday, 01 February 2013

il famoso cocktail "il bellini" ma a New York e col' Champagne

cocktail Bellini, Hemsley Hotels