Saturday, 31 October 2015

deco 3

mobile_pictureit's new york and it's one 57

Thursday, 29 October 2015

la mostarda di Cremona

mobile_picturewhat I prefer in Milano are the extravagant delicatessen in the elegant sections in the Lombardia capital. Some products are so crafty that you hardly find them outside of Italy, la mostarda du Cremona is an autumn season dressing it's made of candied fruits in mustard and it's perfect with Virginia venison ph Roberto

some history today about the invention of photo


Tuesday, 27 October 2015

une photo en abîme dans un parc

mobile_picturewe usually complain there are no arty initiative or let say no good news not enough tho concerning art
huh the other day I needed and wanted to go through the park behind home and I discovered this still picture outside show I took some pictures with my hybrid Nikon 1.
I particularly like this pic which shows rain drops on a window more paradoxical than en abîme but interesting and nice ph Roberto

quel plus beau rêve ne commence pas par un désir de voyage?

mobile_picturethé vert avec Mai au salon tunisien du merveilleux Train Bleu Gare de Lyon à Paris photo Roberto

Sunday, 25 October 2015

on dit "nature morte" mais tout vibre en fait

still life,vases,deco,Roberto Fabrisph roberto fabris iPhone 6+


MY TRAY, in english it's a still life which I prefer to dead nature in french, technically nothing is trully dead, every single thing has vibrations Aaron Vintage

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Art Deco is my first choice

mobile_picture called it a beautiful cul-de-sac yes but also an art deco splendor, cedric gibbons retreat on sale now for a mere 13millions $ in hollywood fully deserved them. thks media for the pic.

Thursday, 22 October 2015


mobile_pictureas I started living by myself at age 17, my parents left me their apartment in the secluded Paris Rive Gauche, I had to re-decorate it, and taking advantage of the minimalist period I bought one cassina it. off-white sofa and one black oakwood and metal mies van der rohe table, plus some chairs, adding a pair of venini lamps from venice...since this time, chairs, table, floorlamps and vases are my fav pieces of furniture.
here on this pic the latest of latvia's ply collection at

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

speaking about hollywood'grandeur, marlene worn her own jewels on screen

mobile_pictureMarlene Dietrich the for ever Blue Angel, unlike the debutante actresses of today appearing in so called reality shows, tv series and other movies of the same level, Marlene sported her own pieces of jewellry, but talking about grand style, her emeralds cabochons were spectacular. Carolina Herrera owns some of them, the biggest ones.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

nostalgie? non! amour du beau, oui

mobile_picturemarlene the last goddess

Monday, 19 October 2015

Avenue Montaigne

les rues ont un pouvoir évocateur, leurs façades recèlent les mystères des nombreuses vies qui s'y sont déroulées dans la paix ou la guerre, dans la gloire ou la disgrâce.
Le 12 avenue Montaigne ne fait pas exception. Pendant des années je suis passé plusieurs fois par jour devant et pour cause, dirigeant le studio de création de la maison Ungaro, située au 2.
A la suite d'une initiative du maire de Paris, Jacques Chirac, Marlene Dietrich put finir ses jours chez elle, dans son petit aparement du 12. Pendant longtemps les paparazzi la traquérent, allant jusqu'à rester des jours entiers non pas à rêver mais dans les arbres qui bordent les trottoirs de l'avenue, à attendre que la star vieillissante apparaisse à sa fenêtre. Elle qui fut la maîtresse tentatrice de tout Hollywood, de Eric Maria Remarque l.écrivain élégant et mondain à Yul Brynner le tartar chauve et impudique, elle disparut tranquillement, entourée de peu de fidèles qui lui apportaient quelques journaux et des vivres en boîte qu'elle ne mangeait plus...thks media for the pic mobile_picture

Tuesday, 06 October 2015

GRACE JONES une célèbre accordéoniste, mannequin et chanteuse


grace jones,accordéon,acordion

  She walked in the showrooms at Torrente a minor haute couture house in Paris back then, avenue Franklin Roosevelt, together with another model, a friend actually, Elli Posen aka Zuleïka who is still modeling now after 40 years of runway and fittings for celeb designers.

She was practically unchartered in Paris at this time, not only we decided to book her on  the runway for a spring summer collection of couture but I decided together with PR Elsa Giraud, to make her debuts as a singer with La Vie en Rose the famous song that reminds me of Marlene Dietrich, on the catwalk, she sported a mini-shorty red silk laquer satin catsuit I designed with an incredible fabric from the 30ies, a stretch satin from Bucol.


photo this media


Sunday, 04 October 2015

Edwige aka la reine du punk, mon hommage personnel à une amie trop tôt disparue

un ami commun, Marc Raynal aka Maud Molyneux...

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