Friday, 26 February 2016

why do I love vintage

1940' vintage feather hats mobile_picture

thor's bro horned loki mobile_picture

Sunday, 21 February 2016

oh Paris in the sun

mobile_pictureParis-Province both in the sunniest days ever in feb fotos Aaron Vintage (place de la Bastille and south Burgundy chuch by Viollet Leduc)

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

what's travelling means to me?

mobile_picturenite stands like this one top, Anouk Aimée's at Villa Hassler Medicis in Roma, down left Bintan Indonesia, 007 in Monte Carlo, Beach pyramid stone at l'Île d'Yeu Fr. fotos Aaron Vintage@

Saturday, 13 February 2016

#ELLE collection pour hommes, un défi!

As I was appointed as a CD which is AD in publicity oh I mean creative director in fashion for the ELLE licensing business in Asia, I decided to look for the meaning of scripts on items such as tee shirts for all the 40 different lines. To my biggest surprise I saw many misspellings around, non sense sentences and so on. So when I decided to transform this 20 years old license biz into a trendy line it wasn't so easy and the more reluctant ones were the design teams in Levallois the HQ offices, where the mentality was locked into a bizarre attitude, a sort of "we are a magazine not a fashion clothing corp"
mobile_pictureI magine how difficult it has been to both satisfy the japanese partners, Itokin and the fashion editors in France? Fortunately at this time Catherine Rousso the fashion editor in chief who hired me thru the exec staff in Paris, a bunch of bras-cassés we say in french, people without any expertise, and decided I could do what I wanted in the limits of their image.
On the pic a talking teeshirt for ELLE Homme line a true challenge because ELLE is supposed to be a feminine mag except "elle" doesn't mean anything like femme in japanese! That the reason of the starting success of a male line in Tokyo

Friday, 12 February 2016


mobile_pictureCette année le thème de ma collection reprenait les codes de toujours, une femme qui voyage, romantique à souhait, à la poursuite du rêve, emportant l'essentiel dans ses bagages.
D'abord un choix de belles matières du cuir, du merinos, du llama, de l'alpacca, de la soie et du coton d'Egypte et bien sûr des armures raffinées du grain de poudre, des broderies et des dentelles et de l'agneau plongé pur.
Le voyage étant illustré par des moyens de transports comme une limousine garée mystérieusement sur les bords de Seine, une voie ferrée et un train en gare de Lyon, une rue de Paris, un réverbère et enfin un hélicoptère...Ruve fut choisie comme mannequin, coiffée par Hamid et photographiée par Jean Marc Scialom, le tout dans les plus prestigieux glossy mags et voilà!

Tuesday, 09 February 2016

time goes by ...

mobile_picture from my archives thks media 40 years gap

Thursday, 04 February 2016

a whiff of vintage hollywood with the king

the king of hollywood aka clark gable and wife lady ashley aka sylvia hawkes thks media for the picture mobile_picture

Wednesday, 03 February 2016


mobile_picturealthough the stars are lended the most beautiful and swag attires, gwyneth tore her mesh front black sheath dress trying to fit the narrowness of the prototype designer dress, but how come nobody noticed it? here the detail...


mobile_picturethe much sought-after hollywood not-so-hollywood babe gwyneth paltrow on the callwall