Monday, 31 July 2017

Hungaro ring F1 MagyarGP dim July 30th 2017

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good to see the Ferrari together of Vettel and Kimi on the Hunger ring GP. thks media

f1,hungaroring,kimi rÄikkÖnen

kimi is Kimi

We know he is no good at interview, shy, aloof, not a great speaker, journalist don't like him cos he doesn't do the show.

But Kimi is strong, steady, courteous with Sebastian and Ferrari should not always push him on the side, this start is a nonsense we all understand is to make Seb a winner deserve it or not.

My opinion Kimi should call me I will coach him to stay like he is but to cajole the media, after all the show must go on. Like it or not. Money big bgmoney is involve, for how long?

Ask Elon Musk. RMF #elonmusk, #carraces, #F1, #KimiRaïkkönen.

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