Thursday, 31 August 2017

le retour ... avant la rentrée.

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Monday, 21 August 2017

Les histoires de famille ou l'héraldisme en chambre

heraldismo,héraldism,storia dei fabris di chioggia

Storia delle famiglie nobile del Friuli, Venezia giulia.

Famiglie nobile italiane.

My grand-mother has always been telling me the story of our family each time I asked for more including her Austrian origins.
So now it's easier for me to make research. I knew the real documents are in France now, stolen by Napoleon guards as they lived in our castle in Udine as it is mentioned above in the italian history of the noble families.

crest, armoiries,heraldismo,héraldism,storia dei fabris di chioggia

Fabris crest, thanks le ricerche araldiche italiane.

I still have a little brass anvil my grand-father carried with him through the ups and downs of life. One can see the anvil symbol on the family crest, it's probably related to the fact they were goldsmiths considering their ancient craft name in Venice and Chioggia.

anvil, incudine, enclume de famille,heraldismo,héraldism,storia dei fabris di chioggia

The famous goldsmith lil brass anvil, incudine in italian, my grand father gave me.





baleares, ibiza, fomentera

Ibiza. photo Roberto.

summer leave not really

darsena, south burgundy

staying home may not sound exciting but it is today. photo_roberto_à_paris

en France à la campagne.

Monday, 07 August 2017

Paolo Suman ou les ombres de la création.

painting, baby painting, paolo human, fresh water pearls

Paolo Suma, Italy circa 2000. 

Summer draws lines on my walls. On this picture, a strange baby boy spread around real pink pearls on the ground like a game. The wrought iron gates of my house are actually drawing their own lines on the painting, creating shadows.

I comissionned this painting to the Italian artist, Paolo Suman, for an exhibition of my creations in London. rmf

NB the pearls are real fresh water pearls, which I used for my design and sold as necklaces with chinese emperors inspiration like Chao Zhu.

art, photo, andré rau, Carla bruni sarkozy

Madame Carla Bruni Tedeschi Sarkozy par André Rau.

Sur la photo Madame Carla Bruni porte mes créations en fresh water barocco pearls.

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