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    today sun 30th if July is friendship day.
    I remember this very rich Argentinian woman, Amanda Lacroze de Fortabat, asked if she had lovers as she was a mature woman 90 years when she died, she answered I much prefer "amitiés amoureuses". I love that answer ;-) #friendshipday, #fortabat #amitiéamoureuse

  • Stormy Weather at dusk

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    the river Saône

    South Burgundy in summer. Vallée de la Saône

  • The walhalla did open for a short time

    Thor came down from his Walhalla and the dwarf folk of France wasn't upset but raptured instead.
    This dude was sweet and attractive I mean in its own kind sure, towering at 6/4 ft at least I never saw him nervous, bothered or excited, he was just cool and glad to be there, enjoying popularity and the street party going on the all day long till nite. rmf #thor, #gameofthronessequel, #walhalla, #festivaldesartsdelarue.