Sunday, 25 March 2018

some shy rays of sun in this starting springtime, but ...

the first morning coffee, il primo caffè in Francia

A la terrasse du "Sur la Place". photo_roberto_à_paris 

Being happy ? Well let me tell you I never think about life with those words, really.

But going to the fresh food and veg market in Province in France sounds like paradise sometimes. Like today, an italian friend is joining for coffee, I bought a poulet fermier means a good Bresse chicken which is one of the top top AOC in France for chicken quality, and violet artichokes and a couple of other fruits and vegetables all is slowfood because my townhouse is near countryside.

Today for sunday lunch a classic Roasted chicken de Bresse plus panfried garlic and onions Charlotte potatoes, green fresh tossed salad seasoned with Moutarde de Dijon Maille, fruits de saison which are tangerines.


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