Monday, 12 March 2018


desk, spirit stone from China, china desert windrose

On my desk in Singapore I am keeping Chinese windrose boulder. photo_roberto_à_paris 

DZI BEADS, trade beads, male, ethnic jewels

dZi beads and gem mala. photo_roberto_à_paris 

All of a sudden, I started liking the dpi beads some friends from Hong Long introduced me to. 

Stone, spirit stones and gems always attracted me since I am a kid. I started collecting them in mag and fanzines then as I traveled to Asia a lot I came to know better the beauty of the jewels made of those stones.



Thursday, 08 March 2018

men don't wear jewels ?

panerai, pam , watch, time pieces

photo Roberto Fabris.

Panerai was and still is in an italian marine wristwatch brand which watches with famous security side clasp was once given to each Italy navy soldier or diver now it's a posh of posh watch brand, who knows why?

May the excellent cocktail Italy Design + Swiss Made 

On the picture a Panerai Pam automatic rewind with deployant (folding) band clasp and bespoke hand-stitched black alligator bracelet . #panerai, #pam, #selfrewind