Sunday, 25 February 2018

un grand collectionneur et un empereur de Chine, Quianlong.


the last great empereur of China Quianlong by Castiglione.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Non! Ce n'est pas un dessin de mode c'est un tableau "suprématiste" de Malévitch

c'est de l'art!
mobile_picturethe brillant russian painter in the eve of the XXth c. stirred the international emotion with his paintings. Circa 1930 he came out with a new idea if the society thru a serie of dressed silhouettes. rmf.

#kazimirmakevitch, #russianartist, #silhouette, mobile_picture we are at beginning of the XXth century!

He was the first and he called that "suprematism" not nihilism. It's the starting point of modern painting which means a more intellectual and less sentimental period.
mobile_pictureOne can see fashion silhouettes they are not. The russian artist wanted to express a strong desire of radical changes to which costume is an excellent choice. Remember we are in the early days/years of 1900. rmf

Monday, 21 August 2017

Les histoires de famille ou l'héraldisme en chambre

heraldismo,héraldism,storia dei fabris di chioggia

Storia delle famiglie nobile del Friuli, Venezia giulia.

Famiglie nobile italiane.

My grand-mother has always been telling me the story of our family each time I asked for more including her Austrian origins.
So now it's easier for me to make research. I knew the real documents are in France now, stolen by Napoleon guards as they lived in our castle in Udine as it is mentioned above in the italian history of the noble families.

crest, armoiries,heraldismo,héraldism,storia dei fabris di chioggia

Fabris crest, thanks le ricerche araldiche italiane.

I still have a little brass anvil my grand-father carried with him through the ups and downs of life. One can see the anvil symbol on the family crest, it's probably related to the fact they were goldsmiths considering their ancient craft name in Venice and Chioggia.

anvil, incudine, enclume de famille,heraldismo,héraldism,storia dei fabris di chioggia

The famous goldsmith lil brass anvil, incudine in italian, my grand father gave me.




Saturday, 03 June 2017

world soccer star Ronaldo and his bag

1 There was a lady in my street near the Luxembourg gardens in Paris, she was strolling around every morning early for what ever the reason, but she was always carrying many loaded bags in both her hands, we used to call her the bag lady, a full mystery to me.
Oh I admit I am a bag man, now, and always was actually.
Yes traveling wwd all the time did I say I travelled around the globe at least 19 times full circle. Average ticket would include Paris-London-Hong kong-Tokyo-Los Angeles-Houston-NYC-Paris so I need a lot of stuff to carry around at a hand distance, and a big glam sturdy bag or tote will help, like Ronaldo's in his private jet carrying his maxi haut-à-courroies Hermès white canvas & black leather kelly or birkin bag. rmf #haut-à-courroies, #bagsformen, #sacamain, #ronaldo, #jetset, #realmadridstars
mobile_picturethanks media for the beautiful pic.
2 crossed legs v spreading legs guys
thks media for pic #inflightpic #malemodel

Friday, 02 June 2017


mobile_picturethks media for pic

Julie Christie, Catherine Deneuve and Ursula Andress rummaging her purse, how fun. #sac-a-main

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

la mode la mode la mode vintage

Vintage fashion is never stale, why? Have a peep.
mobile_picturephoto gian paolo barbieri

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

@Festival_Cannes THE RED CARPET

cette année là mobile_picture thanks media for the picture. Yes it's emotional to step up the red carpet in front of those thousands of prople I see how much stars enjoy it and some others not. That year I dressed up director Diane Kurys and frenchy actor Vincent Lindon. rmf #festival_cannes2017, #DianeKurys, #VincentLindon

Monday, 15 May 2017

a SHELFIE is a selfie but showing bookshelves in lieu of portrait

I always loved books, book covers and study rooms even bookstores and public libraries. Books delivered me from a normal upper-middle class / bourgeois entourage type of life as I was a toddler and wide-opened the doors of mystery of an other kind of life.

Now the shelfie is a beautiful idea to get people to like books and bookshelves
mobile_picture#shelfies, thanks media Countrylife uk for the pic.

Monday, 08 May 2017

#SHELFIES oh my gosh I am going to love that

books, livres perso


photo roberto BUT WHAT IS A SHELFIE? oh it's simple it's a bookshelves selfie. It's very posh indeed now'. #shelfies #bookshelves #therobertofabrisestate

Thursday, 30 March 2017

social graces

mobile_picturephoto thanks media.
Two gifted sisters, Claudia Cardinale and sister Blanche, I met both, I used to invite Claudia who now will be the president of Cannes film festival 2017 to attend the Emanuel Ungaro Haute Couture shows. The fist one she came in for me was the show we did at Salle Wagram near Place de l'Étoile à Paris. I remember a simple lady, I asked her if she needed a stretch limo to drive her to the show venue she answered me : no, I lived near by place des Ternes, she told me and when she arrived she was sporting a full length sable coat. Blanche her late sister as beautiful and glamour but none-the-less very human like Claudia, worked as a PR at Ungaro with me. #ungaro, #cannesfilmfestival2017, #claudiacardinale, #hautecouture, #sallewagram, #blanchecardinale, #cannes

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Les lampes font leur entrée

mobile_picturephoto roberto.
Une lampe spectaculaire rend votre entrée plus intéressante. Et j'aime les lampes, J'en suis zinzin, depuis l'âge de 12/13 ans j'en achète surtout des lampes design mais aussi vintage, rarement anciennes. Je les achètent et j'en revends, comme ce très rare lampadaire de Gras Ravel ayant appartenu à Eileen Gray qui habitait près de chez moi à deux mètres de la sublime place Saint Sulpice, Paris Rives Gauche, pas sur ce doc. toutefois.rmf #designlamp, #doorway, #moderdesign, #light

Sunday, 01 January 2017



Monday, 24 October 2016

chi va piano va sano e va lontano

mobile_pictureit's my father side family motto, poco a poco, which actually means step by step. "who's going at slow pace goes safely and far away". Thks media and artist

Thursday, 06 October 2016

Montblanc les stylos d'exception

mobile_picturea moment of skill ! Yes writing is so posh now everyone is texting it's banal though. "filling up my ink pen" Un luxe à porter de main. It's the perfect french colloquial to say true luxury is within our reach, considering a Montblanc pen is the equivalent of an Aston Martin, a pen~a car! You may want to be starting with an ink pen from Montblanc it's a good start, the pen is gold and platinium sure you have to learn about how to manipulate the ink pump in the ink pot, how to wash your pen at least 2 to 4 times a year depending of the use, but it's worth it, mines are engraves with initials. photo Roberto

Thursday, 08 September 2016

je suis un homme à ...

mobile_picture ...tote bag by #justo photo Roberto

Tuesday, 30 August 2016


mobile_pictureXIXth century hanakago photo roberto the roberto fabris estate.
l'été j'ouvre toutes les grandes fenêtres, je fais rentrer un peu de chaleur filtrée par les volets de chêne sombre, ceci afin d'éviter le choc thermique des saisons froides sur les murs de ma maison.
ainsi j'ai pris cette photo d'une chambre d'amis contigue à ma suite, la chambre est très lumineuse, haute de plafond avec des lignes géométriques définies par les moulures régulières.
ce qui m'a frappé cest l'adéquation entre le panier japonais, appelé "le monde" & sa grande anse en forme de cercle parfait
au Japon, ces paniers sont traditionnellement utilisés pour confectionner les arrangements floraux ou ikebana, ils sont en bamboo précieux de différentes sortes, on les nomment hanakago, ils datent de la période Edô ou Meiji comme celui-ci, parfois ils sont modernes, mais ce qui les caractérise c'est l'incroyable dessin des tressages issus d'une maîtrise ancestrale des artisans qui tressent ces objets, et qu'on appellent ici au pays du soleil levant, des "trésors vivants".rmf.#hanakago, #ikebana, #flowers, #basketry

Thursday, 26 May 2016

laissez brûler les petits papier

mobile_pictureparoles d'une chanson de Régine, reine des nuits parisiennes des 70', j'habitais près des Jardins du Luxembourg et son club le New Jimmy's était à Montparnasse, je suis monté quelques fois dans son apartement au-dessus. Il reste souvent de nos voyages des petits trucs comme les pochettes d'alumettes presque totalement obsolètes de nos jours. Elles évoquent ce matin mes voyages de Dallas à Tokyo, de Miami à Philadelphie, de Paris à Sausalito, de New York à Houston

Tuesday, 12 April 2016 n'y a que des bons moments pour un italien quand il a du vin

mobile_pictureph roberto

Friday, 08 April 2016

about vintage photography :-)

mobile_picturephoto d'archive
par Guy Lebaube
Mon tout tout premier blog est celui-ci enfin ce n'est pas exactement un blog mais plus un scrapbook/moodboard
car je n'échange pas d'idée je colle sur internet des photos de ma vie de designer de mode
mon conseil : gardez les meilleures c'est plus fun
celle-ci fut prise lors d'une session chez Guy Lebaube un sympathique photographe dans son loft à Paris

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

David Bowie brings back so many good memories

mobile_picturethe hunky dory musical period is the one I do remember the best cos it relates to good times to me #DavidBowie #HunkyDory #vinyle

Wednesday, 02 March 2016

Bourgogne means WINES which wines? the best ones

mobile_picturePatrirache Père & Fils XVIIth century former convent became wine cellar for Kritter sparkling wine company. Private wine tasting in the 5km / 6 millions bottles underground cellar. Tasting Fixin, Meursault, Charmes Chambertin, Chambolle Musigny, Pouligny Montrachet, Pommard, Pernand Vergelesses, Montagny...1*crus and Grands Crus foto Aaron Vintage

Friday, 26 February 2016

why do I love vintage

1940' vintage feather hats mobile_picture

thor's bro horned loki mobile_picture

Saturday, 13 February 2016

#ELLE collection pour hommes, un défi!

As I was appointed as a CD which is AD in publicity oh I mean creative director in fashion for the ELLE licensing business in Asia, I decided to look for the meaning of scripts on items such as tee shirts for all the 40 different lines. To my biggest surprise I saw many misspellings around, non sense sentences and so on. So when I decided to transform this 20 years old license biz into a trendy line it wasn't so easy and the more reluctant ones were the design teams in Levallois the HQ offices, where the mentality was locked into a bizarre attitude, a sort of "we are a magazine not a fashion clothing corp"
mobile_pictureI magine how difficult it has been to both satisfy the japanese partners, Itokin and the fashion editors in France? Fortunately at this time Catherine Rousso the fashion editor in chief who hired me thru the exec staff in Paris, a bunch of bras-cassés we say in french, people without any expertise, and decided I could do what I wanted in the limits of their image.
On the pic a talking teeshirt for ELLE Homme line a true challenge because ELLE is supposed to be a feminine mag except "elle" doesn't mean anything like femme in japanese! That the reason of the starting success of a male line in Tokyo

Friday, 12 February 2016


mobile_pictureCette année le thème de ma collection reprenait les codes de toujours, une femme qui voyage, romantique à souhait, à la poursuite du rêve, emportant l'essentiel dans ses bagages.
D'abord un choix de belles matières du cuir, du merinos, du llama, de l'alpacca, de la soie et du coton d'Egypte et bien sûr des armures raffinées du grain de poudre, des broderies et des dentelles et de l'agneau plongé pur.
Le voyage étant illustré par des moyens de transports comme une limousine garée mystérieusement sur les bords de Seine, une voie ferrée et un train en gare de Lyon, une rue de Paris, un réverbère et enfin un hélicoptère...Ruve fut choisie comme mannequin, coiffée par Hamid et photographiée par Jean Marc Scialom, le tout dans les plus prestigieux glossy mags et voilà!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

for a teenager ziggy stardust aka david bowie the english artist singer was a whole new trip, rip

mobile_pictureI discovered david bowie long before many people in Paris, cos my best friends there were very aware about new music sounds. They brought that vinyl one day of spring or summer and not only it was a very new kind of music even compared to the rolling stones but it came with Bowie's very rapturous fancy world and let me tell you for a young boy it was quite spectacular, it would provoke our envy, trigger many paradoxical thoughts, many questions that would also stay unanswered for a long long time. I still have the original record in my attics

Thursday, 07 January 2016

can we start the year post with a russian's retreat in miami?

mobile_picture50 millions $ for an modern compound, indian creek in miami dade county...

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Xmas reading

mobile_pictureI see beautiful things for 2016 photo vintage george hoyningen huene

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

luxury is not what we think, beaujolais nouveau is a party

mobile_picturethe table set for my mom's bithday lunch at les Jardins du Grand Hôtel La Cloche with Dubœuf Beaujolais nouveau as hospitality to start the party foto Aaron Vintage


mobile_picturemy own collector pieces each item is signed by g

Monday, 02 November 2015

deco 2

mobile_picture1930 art dco dream house in a hollywood cul-de-sac de luxe, cedric gibbons retreat stiil standing up right, you've seen it L.A. confidentials the film starring Kim Basinger

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