Thursday, 16 July 2015


Tibetans praize and worship those beads, actually they never sell them just in case of an emergency like, let say they have to for economical reasons, in the Himalayas people are calling them DZI beads, pronounced zee; those beads are not man-made, on one side the legends say boddhisatwas use them as enlightment jewels and throw them on earth whenever they do not use them any more. It occurs some peasants find them in the fields then they may be alive like worms or they appear like stones, agates. They are engraved agates, I was told no one knows exactly how to engrave them today, we have lost the technics, the patterns are mystic symbols always black on white of white on black with some differences in shades according to the agates, or chalcedoin gem. Some are said "medicine dzi" of higher quality or lesser quality, phum dzi, people can grate a part of the beads to eat it as a cure! Mine are on the pic and I am re-doing or re-arranging the bead order all the time. I have collected them in Asia, the first ones in Hong Kong, then In Tokyo Japan, China, Singapore and Paris, France, buddhists still wear them men as bracelets and women as necklaces, rmf. Foto aaron vintage 2015 mobile_picture mobile_picture

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

GONG XI FAT CHOI 2013 (bonne année lunaire)

fashion week paris,angelina tearoom,

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Bonne Année à la planète à tous

photo souvenir d'un catwalk show qui s'est déroulé chez Angelina, petit déj en plus servi à l'étage un vrai luxe parisien, the posh of the posh