Thursday, 21 September 2017

What? Friendship!

roro, marcello, zanzi, caviar, leonardo da vinci

Caviar leonardo da vinci for breakfast. Photo roberto à paris

With Zanzi and Marcello on board on the Padma

Tuesday, 06 June 2017


mobile_pictureJohn Hamm the super virile macho in successful tv serie Mad Men, crossing legs high during interviews.
mobile_pictureSexy singer actor Justin Timberlake demurely crosssing his legs during nite show.
mobile_picturemen crossing legs are sort of border lines with conventional manners but it's okay it's swag actually now, thanks all media for pic.
#mencrossinglegs, #manlymanners, #dappermen, #nocturnalsprezzatura, #eleganceetmanières

Saturday, 03 June 2017

world soccer star Ronaldo and his bag

1 There was a lady in my street near the Luxembourg gardens in Paris, she was strolling around every morning early for what ever the reason, but she was always carrying many loaded bags in both her hands, we used to call her the bag lady, a full mystery to me.
Oh I admit I am a bag man, now, and always was actually.
Yes traveling wwd all the time did I say I travelled around the globe at least 19 times full circle. Average ticket would include Paris-London-Hong kong-Tokyo-Los Angeles-Houston-NYC-Paris so I need a lot of stuff to carry around at a hand distance, and a big glam sturdy bag or tote will help, like Ronaldo's in his private jet carrying his maxi haut-à-courroies Hermès white canvas & black leather kelly or birkin bag. rmf #haut-à-courroies, #bagsformen, #sacamain, #ronaldo, #jetset, #realmadridstars
mobile_picturethanks media for the beautiful pic.
2 crossed legs v spreading legs guys
thks media for pic #inflightpic #malemodel

Sunday, 28 May 2017


mobile_picturephoto roberto_a_paris
I do love my mom, every day because I decided to live with her and protect her, sure she doen't have the same concept of love we share now, but it's ok.
She definitely being herself with no concessions at all she has help me to understand that loving another person is not to share the same kind of love, not at all. rmf #motherday, #fetedesmeres, #bouquetsdefleurs, #mammina

Monday, 08 May 2017

#SHELFIES oh my gosh I am going to love that

books, livres perso


photo roberto BUT WHAT IS A SHELFIE? oh it's simple it's a bookshelves selfie. It's very posh indeed now'. #shelfies #bookshelves #therobertofabrisestate

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

une de mes activités photo préférées les selfies... de chaussures.

mobile_picture"Red Alert" shoe tip toe pic, en anglais on appelle ces chaussures des whole cut Derby. photo roberto. #perrier, #derby, #wholecutshoes, #selfie, #shoetiptoepic.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

social graces

mobile_picturephoto thanks media.
Two gifted sisters, Claudia Cardinale and sister Blanche, I met both, I used to invite Claudia who now will be the president of Cannes film festival 2017 to attend the Emanuel Ungaro Haute Couture shows. The fist one she came in for me was the show we did at Salle Wagram near Place de l'Étoile à Paris. I remember a simple lady, I asked her if she needed a stretch limo to drive her to the show venue she answered me : no, I lived near by place des Ternes, she told me and when she arrived she was sporting a full length sable coat. Blanche her late sister as beautiful and glamour but none-the-less very human like Claudia, worked as a PR at Ungaro with me. #ungaro, #cannesfilmfestival2017, #claudiacardinale, #hautecouture, #sallewagram, #blanchecardinale, #cannes

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

La Durée, the most wonderful yet delicious macaron

The best treat while in Saint Germain des Prés? Probably La Durée ! No doubt...The sister tearoom of La Durée, rue Royale à Paris, with a Napoleon III atmosphere like Marcel Proust's unique memory research novel Le Temps Retrouvé. Among the most authentic macaroons in Paris, let's admit it the first one ...The location will catter you a nice lunch too.
mobile_picturephoto roberto what flavir! Ih no just the classic ones #macaron-café, #macaron-chocolat, #macaron-vanille, #ladurée

Sunday, 12 February 2017


tie is a big question: how to ? Would a tie match or not a shirt on some special occasion or function? There are
2 options 1st one whenever you buy a new shirt think about a new tie 2nd option bring your best tie with you to help you choose the right shirt NB there are a couple of tips though like 1 you shouldn't go too big (width) 2 neutral colors work perfect 3 woven fabrics and jacquards are better than prints 4 thin black is ok with black suit as well as silver grey and one classy nautical stripe on navy blazer and DB (hype for double breasted jacket) to achieve an East Coast Ivy League look.
Ah tie bars like on my pic are posh now.rmf #tiebar, #dappertips, #menswear, #shirtformen

Monday, 30 January 2017


The "shoe tiptoe pic" is my personal view of how you mix shoes, socks on special (or not) occasions. Details are : a pair of green casentino slim legs slacks, one pair of xtra soft cotton Paul Smith multico polka dots socks, and a jolly good pair of sturdy pelle del Val di Sieve bespoke patina Oxfords
photo Roberto #shoetiptoepic, #mensweartips, #fashioninsider

Tuesday, 24 January 2017


mobile_picturephoto et montage Roberto
28/01/2017 will be the new lunar year under the sign of fire rooster (le coq de feu) I didn't know this one....
1 GONG XI FA CAI is in putonghua
or mandarin language I also heard while in Singapore
2 GUNG HEI FAT CHOY in cantonese
or in Hong Kong where I go very often since many years. It's fun to be an eurasian like that I have the christian Xmas and buddhist Chinese new year oh not to mention Krampus in Austria, who is Fouettard in east of France, Santa Claus and Thanks Giving my fav days of the year when travelling to the Sates
mobile_picturephoto of ABC restaurant menu by Roberto 2017
The year of the fire rooster which is the tenth sign of chinese horoscope means money, and steadyness, but also unexpected I was told ...

Tuesday, 17 January 2017


mobile_picturePershing Hall ph.roberto Amazing 90ft high vertical garden by brillliant gardener and vertical gardener inventor Patrick Blanc #cocktail-bar, #paris_restaurants-chic, #pershinghall, #patrickblanc, #vertical_garden

Sunday, 01 January 2017



Saturday, 31 December 2016

bye bye 2016 .... Coco

mobile_picturethks media for the pic. bye bye 2016 no regrets ...Coco

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

after the Nuxe SPA at the Saint Georges

mobile_picturephoto Roberto. Nuxe spa is named after the top notch french cosmetic brand, with products based on "huile d'argan" an nut oil found in Morocco which they call "huile prodigieuse" (prodigy oil) After the body treat have a slow food treat with Georges Blanc the étoilé chef who prepared the menu ( red frenchy hen cover) at the hotel restaurant #nuxe, #saintgeorgeshotel, #huile_prodigieuse, #tourismeenfrance, #georges_blanc, #chef-étoilé

mobile_picture photo Roberto #massimo_moretti, #frédéric_stucin #muséeniépce

Saturday, 18 June 2016


mobile_picturethe story goes... the recipe is so simple yet the taste depends on where you'll drink it with whom or alone. It comes probably from an old austrian habit to spruzz' or spretzen / to spray sparkling water in high alcoholic wine from Venice region given the name spritz, the bitter taste Aperol is popular as hot summer drink in my family region.

L'apéro à la mode, le SPRITZ de Venise

mobile_picture"L'heure du Spritz" en Bourgogne! ph.roberto
Le cocktail du moment au Prosecco, vin pétillant d'Italie (un blanc de blanc), est hérité de nos amis Vénitiens ou plus exactement des amoureux de la lagune car le Vénitien tradi est un peu plus snobinard sur les bords.
En effet c'est en Italie qu'une ancienne tradition populaire, la passeggiata, consiste en fin d'après-midi à s'offrir un apéritif tout en déambulant dans les rues en tenue soignée.
Les français en sont fous, allez comprendre et comme ma famille est de Venise c'est pour moi un étonnement parfait.

Sunday, 08 May 2016

the time and life of my Ju'sto bag

my tote bag mobile_picture photo roberto. I call those pic "Man-to-Bags" it's my Ju'sto tote on one of my fav armchair called a Voltaire to honor the famous french philosopher fav seat on which he probably wrote "Candide"

Sunday, 17 April 2016

enfant j'adorais lire dans mes greniers La Corriere della Sera, Newsweek ou Paris Match et Stern

mobile_pictureL'Avvocato Gianni Agnelli king of Italy. Feu Gianni était le master incontesté de la fameuse fashion attitude qu'on appelle au delà des Alpes, la SPREZZATURA. Une désinvolte manière de se comporter et de s'habiller avec élégance et décontraction en quelque sorte mais à la manière de Rabelais i.e. entre gens élégants.
J'aime cette photo (thks media) qui décrit bien l'avocat, grand patron de Fiat industries à Turin, mari de la divine Marella principessa Caracciolo di Castagneto.
Quand il pleuvait à la fin de l'été je me réfugiais dans un vieux grenier poussiéreux à souhait et inaccessible sauf par une trappe difficile à repérer et passais des heures sous les toits de la grande villa des Dolomites où ma grand-mère est née, en compagnie des célébrités d'une époque révolue : le XXe siècle.rmf

Tuesday, 12 April 2016 n'y a que des bons moments pour un italien quand il a du vin

mobile_pictureph roberto

Wednesday, 03 February 2016


mobile_picturealthough the stars are lended the most beautiful and swag attires, gwyneth tore her mesh front black sheath dress trying to fit the narrowness of the prototype designer dress, but how come nobody noticed it? here the detail...


mobile_picturethe much sought-after hollywood not-so-hollywood babe gwyneth paltrow on the callwall

Wednesday, 23 December 2015


mobile_picturethks to media and the harold lloyd estate

Monday, 02 November 2015

deco 1

mobile_picturethe Nuxe Spa at Hotel Saint Georges in South Burgundy the country of best Pinot Noir red wines see ph Roberto

Sunday, 27 September 2015

ok shoes are an essential man accessory, oxford, derby, brogues,boots, etc.



Wednesday, 16 September 2015

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Thursday, 30 July 2015

my fav jam is cooked with north pole berries the famous cloudberry what a name

mobile_pictureSYLT HOJRTRON is my favorite jam, no it's an english one for once it's from north pole from north of Sweden. Hum I like its bitter sweet taste and more than this it comes from far away, you have to go and find those berries which are actually cloudberries in the northern swedish bush during the short summer there

Friday, 24 July 2015


mobile_pictureinverted photography by AARON VINTAGE FOR ROBERTO FABRIS PARIS 2015



Thursday, 16 July 2015


Tibetans praize and worship those beads, actually they never sell them just in case of an emergency like, let say they have to for economical reasons, in the Himalayas people are calling them DZI beads, pronounced zee; those beads are not man-made, on one side the legends say boddhisatwas use them as enlightment jewels and throw them on earth whenever they do not use them any more. It occurs some peasants find them in the fields then they may be alive like worms or they appear like stones, agates. They are engraved agates, I was told no one knows exactly how to engrave them today, we have lost the technics, the patterns are mystic symbols always black on white of white on black with some differences in shades according to the agates, or chalcedoin gem. Some are said "medicine dzi" of higher quality or lesser quality, phum dzi, people can grate a part of the beads to eat it as a cure! Mine are on the pic and I am re-doing or re-arranging the bead order all the time. I have collected them in Asia, the first ones in Hong Kong, then In Tokyo Japan, China, Singapore and Paris, France, buddhists still wear them men as bracelets and women as necklaces, rmf. Foto aaron vintage 2015 mobile_picture mobile_picture

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