Sunday, 04 February 2018


crêpes suzettes flambées, crêpes  


it's perfectly OK to have crêpes for Chandeleur day (the cries day in France)

Nobody wants to miss that, so we went to Beaune, the wine jewel city down to Bourgogne where franchise cultivated 

the most beautiful wines in the world. But

instead of having regular homemade crepes we already had we took on the menue the famous chef specialties and The Crêpes Suzettes Flambées . 

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Pour fêter la fin des vendanges en Bourgogne du Sud, La Paulée 2017.

Paulée, la paulée de chalon en bourgogne




Un des derniers témoignages du savoir faire français en matière d'artisanat. Le vin et la couture peuvent très bien se marier, les deux n'existeraient pas sans le talent des hommes. En effet le vin n'existe pas à ma connaissance à l'état sauvage ou naturel. Il est le résultat d'un certains nombre d'actions précises et maîtrisées. Et de pas moins de deux fermentations quais magiques sinon chimiques, la première la fermentation alcoolique qui donne l'alcool et l'autre la fermentation malo lactique celle qui transforme le jus du raisin alcoolisé en vin. Et chez nous, en Bourgogne du Sud le vin est un des meilleurs du monde sans conteste! RMF. #chardonnay, #pinotnoir, #gamay, #alligoté

city hall

my hometown city hall refurbished for wine harvest time. photo roberto


a decorated vine arch on the city hall entrance door. photo roberto.


Wednesday, 19 July 2017


tourism in France, south burgundy, wine region

                                                 photo roberto à paris, chez l'ami louis. 2017 


  So many people are on leave in summer time in France, it's rather silly as the best period is really summertime.

Here, the proof why we don't need to go vacationing abroad : a "chilled" glass of excellent vin rosé de Bandol, Provence.


le soleil en France, une terrasse de bistrot c'est très frenchy


photo roberto à paris. Terrasse et parasols ensoleillés en Bourgogne du Sud, Chez Chantal.





Thursday, 23 March 2017

my HARIO glass coffee maker

mobile_picturephoto roberto. A dream comes true my glass coffee maker, so good, so beautiful okay you must be delicate it's glass but japaneses quality by #hario you have to use a roughly grind coffee bean. #glasscoffeemaker, #primocaffè, #firstmorningcoffee

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

café & journaux du matin :-)

american coffee break or swedish fika at Mac Donald's (fika is swedish for pause café) it's almost like a ritual
"C'est comme ça chez Mac Donald" the first american coffee plus US #Time mag it's news + coffee
mobile_picture foto roberto 2017.#mcdo, #photo-roberto, #primocaffè, #Time

Friday, 30 December 2016

Chose promise Chose due ...

mobile_picture"keeping word".
Deux verres de vin rouge photo Roberto
Oui mais non ... du Gamay aux couleurs profondes et cardinales, au goût chaleureux et complexe tout en restant limpide et apprivoisé. Le tout avec Massimo Moretti de Hubinfluence! Et sous les auspices d'une magnifique photo de Frédéric Stucin prêtée par me Musée Niépce #gamay, #redwines, #saintgeorgeshotel, #massimo_moretti

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

after the Nuxe SPA at the Saint Georges

mobile_picturephoto Roberto. Nuxe spa is named after the top notch french cosmetic brand, with products based on "huile d'argan" an nut oil found in Morocco which they call "huile prodigieuse" (prodigy oil) After the body treat have a slow food treat with Georges Blanc the étoilé chef who prepared the menu ( red frenchy hen cover) at the hotel restaurant #nuxe, #saintgeorgeshotel, #huile_prodigieuse, #tourismeenfrance, #georges_blanc, #chef-étoilé

mobile_picture photo Roberto #massimo_moretti, #frédéric_stucin #muséeniépce

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Xmas is a perfect time to stop ...euh no go shopping go go go!

mobile_picture#gift #cmas_gift photo Roberto #escoffier #laffont #christainconstant I live in books I love books they save me as a young boy they make me dream that's perfect

Sunday, 21 August 2016

today a slowfood recipe with zucchini

mobile_picturemy kitchen table photo Roberto
Question: why is it called slowfood?
Answer: cos almost every element comes from the next door food market nd will be cooked by you
Friends gave me a big zucchino from their garden. Yes, just one big enough to prepare à la provençale gratin for a whole family.
Recipe: fried onions and garlic in a pan with olive oil from Provence Alpilles, slice the zucchino in rather thin slices, keep them green so they stay crunchy but cooked, add some fresh herbs, thyme, rosemarin, zechuan pepper and salt plus grated macis, then pour the preparation in a gratin plate, whip 2 eggs with some fresh cream and grated cheese like peccorino or montasio and put in oven for 35mn at 6/7 | 180*C

why are you leaving in summer?

mobile_picturea late summer nite supper in south burgundy the top wines region in France photo roberto

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

RECETTE : la pizza aux pommes de terre | recipe for a pizza with potatoes, yummy!

mobile_picture#pizza cum poatoes ph.roberto
hum that recipe is not a family one, in northern Venezia we don't have pizza, we eat pizza but the region food is about polenta more than pizza...But this one is simple and easy slowfood pizza to prepare, buy bread dough, fresh thyme and basilico, then work the dough as flat as you want, grate parmiggiano reggiano on it with the thyme, slice as thin as possible with mandolin or slicer the potatoes with or without their skin as you like it, is uptodate to keep vitamins and skin now, add some black olives, fresh thyme, roughly cut by hand the basilico leaves it's the way italians do, grate some more cheese, put to oven for 25mn on 6 a regular heat for a pie, pour crude vergin olive oil when the pizza is out ready. Doc my own version

Thursday, 04 August 2016

Oh yes there's a day for pizza

mobile_pictureMassimo Moretti posting a veggan and napoli italian dinner table wth orvieto red wine photo roberto summer 2016

Sunday, 08 November 2015

aceto balsamico naturale e casalingo

aceto balsamico,vinaigre balsamique de Modène

how to make your own, natural balsamic vinegar like in Modena a capital of good food in Italy, I worked as a designer near by for major fashion corp. the PIM'S, where they treat me with their own food, own veggies, own wines and their own aceto balsamico home made so they showed me diy you just need to have a mother of vinegar and an opened bottle of good wine, et voilà!
foto aaron vintage