Saturday, 03 June 2017

world soccer star Ronaldo and his bag

1 There was a lady in my street near the Luxembourg gardens in Paris, she was strolling around every morning early for what ever the reason, but she was always carrying many loaded bags in both her hands, we used to call her the bag lady, a full mystery to me.
Oh I admit I am a bag man, now, and always was actually.
Yes traveling wwd all the time did I say I travelled around the globe at least 19 times full circle. Average ticket would include Paris-London-Hong kong-Tokyo-Los Angeles-Houston-NYC-Paris so I need a lot of stuff to carry around at a hand distance, and a big glam sturdy bag or tote will help, like Ronaldo's in his private jet carrying his maxi haut-à-courroies Hermès white canvas & black leather kelly or birkin bag. rmf #haut-à-courroies, #bagsformen, #sacamain, #ronaldo, #jetset, #realmadridstars
mobile_picturethanks media for the beautiful pic.
2 crossed legs v spreading legs guys
thks media for pic #inflightpic #malemodel

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Liberty Statue, yes! NEW YORK? No! But TOKYO, Jp

mobile_pictureOdaïba Aquacity photo Roberto. This statue of Liberty is not in NYC it's in Tokyo. The first time I went to Tokyo, it was the last century, the XXth tho, tokyoïtes how frenchies call the hugest city in Japan denizen, had no place to go on weekends near the sea. Odaïba was created from nothing it's 100% artificial but you can surf, sunbathe on a sand beach, it's an in-town micro resort. The surprise next to futuristic looking buildings surely i s this statue which I founf very "exotic" there. The titke if ly post is about travelling and french sayings, travels make the youth, rolling stone gets no

Thursday, 18 August 2016

how to be beautiful and a gold medalist in the buff in #rio_olympics_2016

mobile_picture#rio2016 #rio_olympics2016 thks media for this gorgeous pic of usa swimmer Nathan Adrian gold medalist in rio who dares strike the pose in the flesh what I love he is an american sportsman of 6ft6 with a chinese mom!

Thursday, 21 January 2016

okaye Americans decline but they are cool though

mobile_picturebear grylls and barack obama on trekking for grylls tv show "how to survive trekking in the outerback eating ANYTHING"

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

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Thursday, 04 June 2015

much more than an icon Steve MacQueen

mobile_pictureanother picture show in Paris recently unraveled photos of Steve who beside being the actor of the iconic sixties was mad about cars and racing. This shot is a sophisticated view of Mr Mcqueen who looks in a mirror that happens not to be a vanity mirror but a wing mirror...thks media for photo

Sunday, 06 April 2014

homme sirène

en Autriche mobile_picture

Sunday, 02 March 2014

les origines du polo au croc' la petite histoire de Jean Lacoste dit l'alligator

mobile_picture merci Patricia P. pour la photo du musée de la copie qui se trouve être en même temps la réelle histoire des débuts de la saga, en effet Jean René Lacoste aurait lui-même voulu se tourner en dérision ( tel que le montre la photo ici) à la suite de sa demande à un ami de lui "donner" des bagages en alligator, par ailleurs son surnom était à l'époque le "crocodile" ou "l'alligator"!

Sunday, 04 November 2012

forza Kimi your strategy wins!


Kimi Raïkkönen,Abu Dhabi,Bahrain,F12012

ph by me with iphone:

1Renault's Kimi

2Ferrari's Alonso

3RedBull's Vettel

Kimi the Finn is not so popular in France why? It's fun, but finally today he won, he is a professional, he is cool, in Singapore they like him a lot and finally Lotus Renault is winning it's first Gran Prix in years since Senna

shout out Kimi