Friday, 28 July 2006

The Best (dressed people) by Massimo Gargia

Massimo is fun and a very nice person

for what I know and experienced with him. He tried hard to push me on the "happy few" international list, it was fun, I did appreciate and loved sincerely some crowned heads, back then, I was in my 20ies

He did this beautiful review on me, brought to me joy and lavish parties, happiness in business, nice people, like late charming Prince Egon von und zu Furstenberg, ex-husband to reknown Diane von Furstenberg, who later married Barry Diller

the richest clients, like the royals from Middle East, their huge boats, their private jets as means of conveyance, like the 150 feet plus yacht the "Dallas", and an everlasting "Leading Hotels of the World" sort of life, from Acapulco to Capri, from Monte Carlo to secret retreat in Costa Smeralda from Gstaad to Hong Kong and now Singapore, the jewel island-city-country of the Merlion

This photo was taken by Guy Lebaube in his studio.

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