Friday, 19 November 2010

un escalier Art Déco, une robe de cocktail à manche gigot en flanelle rayée et taffetas de soie


stairs RF Sanki catalogue Japan 001.jpg

photo Naoaki Matsumoto

Sanki Shoji is a wonderfull Japanese company, from Tokyo and Osaka, what is called an importing luxury good co. and my master licensee at that time

They used to come to Paris to do my catalogues, with president son Mr Horita,  here as a tribute to the Art Deco style, a picture of a stairwell with a grey pinstripe flannel cum silk taffeta leg-o-mutton sleeve cocktail dress

what I like with stairs : you never know if they will go up or down, and if going down for someone is not going up for others, ascending descending!

a true kôan...RF.