Friday, 05 October 2012

the first time I learn how to waterski in the China sea with Pearl's sailors!

China sea, waterski in China, PearlLam

Thursday, 14 June 2012

#I see design as art...she said

pearl lam,art in china

林明珠 Mrs Pearl Lam, a lady cum grit!

       I met Pearl when I was 20 years old in my stately offices near Opéra in Paris, she was probably about the same age.

At this stage of my career I was beginning an international success and she was unknown on my agenda, my partner called me at home, I used to go home very early I still do to this day and never go out, he told me I should get dressed and come over to my offices it was at nite after hours :"somebody from Hong Kong would love to meet..."

Just retruning from New York where I lived for an entire year, Hong Kong was fascinating me, my family travelled for years around the globe but never to HKG, Pearl was from HKG.I was already successful in HKG, thanks to Mrs Joyce Ma, the most powerful lady of fashion in Hong Kong in that period and I didn't know why I should change that for somebody else

But because she was young and brilliant, I accept to the great dismay of all the top professional people, the international fashion pack, to open a new business in the Swire House at that time with Pearl, I quitted the top to enter adventurous episode, she would definitely remember those good times...I lost many reknown stores linked to Joyce Ma, it was a disaster for my starting business, but I "gained" along the way a new friend in HKG.Anything of value has a price?RMF.

181号 Jiangxi Middle Road Huangpu, 黄浦区 Chine, 200002

Monday, 24 October 2011

Hong Kong top of the posh

Pearl lam

that's what friends are for...knowing!

Thursday, 10 August 2006

LONDON, Juliette, Les Femmes, le Swinging London

ah oui, pêle mêle, Londres, Les jolies femmes, Carnaby Street, le swinging London des années 60. Eh bien, voilà une doc prise à Londres, la beauté est fascinante et d'essence féminine même chez les hommes! Je craque, et "si la beauté est un crime: je suis coupable". Rien de tel qu'une cantine à la mode, une jolie femme élégante et un verre d'excellent Cabernet pour passer une soirée en se rapellant qu'on a pas hélas, vécu dans le Swinging London des années 60, mais ok, on est bien dans le fashionable district anglais des années 2000!!