Wednesday, 15 January 2014

un clin d'oeil en passant à mes amis acteurs, Emmanuel Xuereb

emmanuel xuereb

 Emmanuel Xuereb actor

  He did a fashion for me in Paris with twin bro Salvator, as home models, afterwards they appeared in many series on TV . I knew their mother , we became friends at a time she was working as PR for reknown designers 

Saturday, 10 March 2012

as seen in tele serie "Criminal Minds" the Xuereb brothers... and Roberto

Xuereb, Emmanuel Xuereb, Slavator Xuereb, Sophie Xuereb

recently seen on tele, in Criminal Minds, Salavator Xuereb. On the pic above, actors Emmanuel and Salvator Xuereb exceptionally doing a show as models for me because I knew their late fantastic mother, PR Sophie Xuereb, so for fun they carried me around as a tropheo at the end. We were about 20 years old! I like the "before and after" photos...

Ph.Just Jaekin