Sep 18, 2017

ART DECO CRAVE / artist Serge Lutens

mobile_pictureArt Déco / cubist artist Fernand Léger woman, Serge Lutens & Isabelle Weingarten in an 80' advert
Icon model Weingarten has impersonated the ideal muse to exceptionally talented makeup artist Serge Lutens. They both enrolled on a prolific and creative journey for cosmetics prime Japan brand Shiseido.
I was lucky to dress Weingarten long time after I discovered the fascinating and rapture of Lutens photigraphies.
NB On my layout images demonstrate the painter Fernand Léger as inspirational painting and the makeup art of Lutens. 

#sergelutens, #isabelleweingarten, #shiseido, #artdéco, #makeupartist

Sep 14, 2017

Non! Ce n'est pas un dessin de mode

c'est de l'art!
mobile_picturethe brillant russian painter in the eve of the XXth c. stirred the international emotion with his paintings. Circa 1930 he came out with a new idea if the society thru a serie of dressed silhouettes. rmf.

#kazimirmakevitch, #russianartist, #silhouette, mobile_picture we are at beginning of the XXth century!
mobile_pictureHe was the first and he called that "suprematism" not nihilism.
mobile_picture The start of modern painting which means a more intellectual and less sentimental period.
mobile_pictureOne can see fashion silhouettes they are not. The russian artist wanted to express a strong desire of radical changes to which costume is an excellent choice. Remember we are in the early days/years of 1900. rmf

Jun 02, 2017


mobile_picturethks media for pic

Julie Christie, Catherine Deneuve and Ursula Andress rummaging her purse, how fun. #sac-a-main

May 30, 2017

la mode la mode la mode vintage

Vintage fashion is never stale, why? Have a peep.
mobile_picturephoto gian paolo barbieri

Mar 30, 2017

social graces

mobile_picturephoto thanks media.
Two gifted sisters, Claudia Cardinale and sister Blanche, I met both, I used to invite Claudia who now will be the president of Cannes film festival 2017 to attend the Emanuel Ungaro Haute Couture shows. The fist one she came in for me was the show we did at Salle Wagram near Place de l'Étoile à Paris. I remember a simple lady, I asked her if she needed a stretch limo to drive her to the show venue she answered me : no, I lived near by place des Ternes, she told me and when she arrived she was sporting a full length sable coat. Blanche her late sister as beautiful and glamour but none-the-less very human like Claudia, worked as a PR at Ungaro with me. #ungaro, #cannesfilmfestival2017, #claudiacardinale, #hautecouture, #sallewagram, #blanchecardinale, #cannes

Feb 19, 2017

Les lampes font leur entrée

mobile_picturephoto roberto.
Une lampe spectaculaire rend votre entrée plus intéressante. Et j'aime les lampes, J'en suis zinzin, depuis l'âge de 12/13 ans j'en achète surtout des lampes design mais aussi vintage, rarement anciennes. Je les achètent et j'en revends, comme ce très rare lampadaire de Gras Ravel ayant appartenu à Eileen Gray qui habitait près de chez moi à deux mètres de la sublime place Saint Sulpice, Paris Rives Gauche, pas sur ce doc. toutefois.rmf #designlamp, #doorway, #moderdesign, #light

Jan 01, 2017



Dec 31, 2016

bye bye 2016 .... Coco

mobile_picturethks media for the pic. bye bye 2016 no regrets ...Coco

Jul 03, 2016

the glass roof syndrom

mobile_picturethks media for pic. I always like glassroofs cos they give more,light to interiors, not only that they ad another dimension to a lobby for instance. This one is a landmark it's Frank Lloyd Wright's capolavore, a state of the art piece his famous nyc guggenheim museum. #glassroof

May 09, 2016

Art Déco is my fav artistic period of all

mobile_picturegreta garbo is the epitome of the golden silver screen, with her forwarding look, her aloofness, her swedish cold elegance.thks media

Apr 17, 2016

enfant j'adorais lire dans mes greniers La Corriere della Sera, Newsweek ou Paris Match et Stern

mobile_pictureL'Avvocato Gianni Agnelli king of Italy. Feu Gianni était le master incontesté de la fameuse fashion attitude qu'on appelle au delà des Alpes, la SPREZZATURA. Une désinvolte manière de se comporter et de s'habiller avec élégance et décontraction en quelque sorte mais à la manière de Rabelais i.e. entre gens élégants.
J'aime cette photo (thks media) qui décrit bien l'avocat, grand patron de Fiat industries à Turin, mari de la divine Marella principessa Caracciolo di Castagneto.
Quand il pleuvait à la fin de l'été je me réfugiais dans un vieux grenier poussiéreux à souhait et inaccessible sauf par une trappe difficile à repérer et passais des heures sous les toits de la grande villa des Dolomites où ma grand-mère est née, en compagnie des célébrités d'une époque révolue : le XXe siècle.rmf

Apr 08, 2016

about vintage photography :-)

mobile_picturephoto d'archive
par Guy Lebaube
Mon tout tout premier blog est celui-ci enfin ce n'est pas exactement un blog mais plus un scrapbook/moodboard
car je n'échange pas d'idée je colle sur internet des photos de ma vie de designer de mode
mon conseil : gardez les meilleures c'est plus fun
celle-ci fut prise lors d'une session chez Guy Lebaube un sympathique photographe dans son loft à Paris

Mar 22, 2016

David Bowie brings back so many good memories

mobile_picturethe hunky dory musical period is the one I do remember the best cos it relates to good times to me #DavidBowie #HunkyDory #vinyle

Mar 02, 2016

Bourgogne means WINES which wines? the best ones

mobile_picturePatrirache Père & Fils XVIIth century former convent became wine cellar for Kritter sparkling wine company. Private wine tasting in the 5km / 6 millions bottles underground cellar. Tasting Fixin, Meursault, Charmes Chambertin, Chambolle Musigny, Pouligny Montrachet, Pommard, Pernand Vergelesses, Montagny...1*crus and Grands Crus foto Aaron Vintage

Feb 13, 2016

#ELLE collection pour hommes, un défi!

As I was appointed as a CD which is AD in publicity oh I mean creative director in fashion for the ELLE licensing business in Asia, I decided to look for the meaning of scripts on items such as tee shirts for all the 40 different lines. To my biggest surprise I saw many misspellings around, non sense sentences and so on. So when I decided to transform this 20 years old license biz into a trendy line it wasn't so easy and the more reluctant ones were the design teams in Levallois the HQ offices, where the mentality was locked into a bizarre attitude, a sort of "we are a magazine not a fashion clothing corp"
mobile_pictureI magine how difficult it has been to both satisfy the japanese partners, Itokin and the fashion editors in France? Fortunately at this time Catherine Rousso the fashion editor in chief who hired me thru the exec staff in Paris, a bunch of bras-cassés we say in french, people without any expertise, and decided I could do what I wanted in the limits of their image.
On the pic a talking teeshirt for ELLE Homme line a true challenge because ELLE is supposed to be a feminine mag except "elle" doesn't mean anything like femme in japanese! That the reason of the starting success of a male line in Tokyo

Feb 12, 2016


mobile_pictureCette année le thème de ma collection reprenait les codes de toujours, une femme qui voyage, romantique à souhait, à la poursuite du rêve, emportant l'essentiel dans ses bagages.
D'abord un choix de belles matières du cuir, du merinos, du llama, de l'alpacca, de la soie et du coton d'Egypte et bien sûr des armures raffinées du grain de poudre, des broderies et des dentelles et de l'agneau plongé pur.
Le voyage étant illustré par des moyens de transports comme une limousine garée mystérieusement sur les bords de Seine, une voie ferrée et un train en gare de Lyon, une rue de Paris, un réverbère et enfin un hélicoptère...Ruve fut choisie comme mannequin, coiffée par Hamid et photographiée par Jean Marc Scialom, le tout dans les plus prestigieux glossy mags et voilà!

Feb 04, 2016

a whiff of vintage hollywood with the king

the king of hollywood aka clark gable and wife lady ashley aka sylvia hawkes thks media for the picture mobile_picture

Jan 12, 2016

for a teenager ziggy stardust aka david bowie the english artist singer was a whole new trip, rip

mobile_pictureI discovered david bowie long before many people in Paris, cos my best friends there were very aware about new music sounds. They brought that vinyl one day of spring or summer and not only it was a very new kind of music even compared to the rolling stones but it came with Bowie's very rapturous fancy world and let me tell you for a young boy it was quite spectacular, it would provoke our envy, trigger many paradoxical thoughts, many questions that would also stay unanswered for a long long time. I still have the original record in my attics

Jan 01, 2016

tout le monde le fait...

mobile_pictureça ne coûte rien d'essayer, okay just have a try who knows ( thks media)

Dec 19, 2015

Xmas reading

mobile_pictureI see beautiful things for 2016 photo vintage george hoyningen huene

Dec 12, 2015

Provence is magic

quand lou blad vèn bèn, tout vèn bèn,
this Provence lore is bound to its italian past and roots, and I can say some traditions are inherited from roman time like this one "When corn grows well, everything goes well"
So at Saint Barb, the 4th of december, we put corn seed in a round plate and wait for it to sprout which meams that if it grows when is cold outside and nature looks a little bit dead around, corn and cereals will grow later in the year ... then it became a tradition at xmas time to have some corn sprout on the dinner table with a red ribbon, bringing fortune all along. foto Aaron Vintage

Nov 22, 2015

who is Mrs Eileen Gray?



Mrs Eileen Gray Designer

thks media

Oct 31, 2015

deco 3

mobile_pictureit's new york and it's one 57

Oct 29, 2015

some history today about the invention of photo


Oct 24, 2015

Art Deco is my first choice

mobile_picture called it a beautiful cul-de-sac yes but also an art deco splendor, cedric gibbons retreat on sale now for a mere 13millions $ in hollywood fully deserved them. thks media for the pic.

Oct 21, 2015

speaking about hollywood'grandeur, marlene worn her own jewels on screen

mobile_pictureMarlene Dietrich the for ever Blue Angel, unlike the debutante actresses of today appearing in so called reality shows, tv series and other movies of the same level, Marlene sported her own pieces of jewellry, but talking about grand style, her emeralds cabochons were spectacular. Carolina Herrera owns some of them, the biggest ones.

Sep 16, 2015

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Aug 27, 2015

allez, quelques souvenirs (mondains) avec la fameuse vicomtesse de Ribes

mobile_pictureLa vicomtesse Jacqueline de Ribes fut l'épitôme de la vie mondaine de l'après guerre, grande, mince, aristocratique et fille de banquier célèbre, il ne lui manquait RIEN. Enfin en apparence, rien ni l'hôtel particulier à Paris où trônaient ses ancêtres dans des urnes néoclassiques, ni une vie de soirées, de dîners et de fêtes plus belles les unes que les autres, invitée d'honneur de Charles de Bestéguy ou d'un membre estimé de la famille Rothschild, elle termina sa vie dans un tourbillon de franfreluches et devint designer de mode, comme tout le monde euh non, car elle connaissait tout le monde, le grand monde! ph.Dick Avedon

Jul 24, 2015


mobile_pictureinverted photography by AARON VINTAGE FOR ROBERTO FABRIS PARIS 2015

Jul 22, 2015

heatwave shadow

mobile_pictureles fers forgés font partis de mon vocabulaire esthétique comme les ombres portées sur les murs ou au sol et cela depuis l'enfance car mon grand-père vénitien les adoraient et en mettaient dans chaque maison qu'il avait. Foto Aaron Vintage 2015

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